Who was your first commenter on your Blog? Thanks to Doraz and Navar for starting off the comments to my Blog.


I was thinking about this the other day, about how I felt when I first started to Blog. My first commenter was Navar always encouraging in my adventures. My first commenter that I did not know was Doraz from Believe in yourself Blog. How ironic with the name Believe in Yourself. I remember the excitement when typing post after post with no comments day after day. Doraz left the first comment on my blog. Who was your first commenter? How did you feel when you first started to Blog? How did you feel when you saw a comment from the very first commenter? I went back to the first few post to take a look, lots and lots of posts with no comments. The faith of just banging away on the key board. Doraz has been a great friend and encourager along the blogging road. Doraz is still going strong. Upbeat and encouraging with lots of fun jokes to keep you in good cheer, as well as feeling like you really do have a friend who really does believe in you. Thank You Doraz, and to all who comment it’s hard not to want to give everyone a shout out, lots of other dear friends on my Blog roll. I really do appreciate each person who shows up. Now tell me, how did you feel starting your blog and leave a link to your first commenter if you feel like it. I just noticed it’s Doraz second Blogging Anniversary, Congratulations Doraz :+) That’s timing.


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  1. Hey mine too ! It was Doraz who first commented on my blog . That was because I started blogging by commenting on her blog first ! She was my first blogging buddy !

  2. Mine was goodbear! (and I’ve been so very bad not lately visiting her lately!) The lovely Gina was the second. (I miss that sweetheart) It was indeed both exciting and encouraging when I got my first comments. I believe I was about to give it up.

    I’ve been thinking about giving up again as of late. I hate to quit but readership is down (’cause it’s Summer?) and I’m not sure my content is worth while enough to continue. I’ll likely hold on till Winter and then decide.

    Good post! It was fun going back to see who was there at the beginning.

      • Thank You I saw this dragonfly this week end. I was surprised with the black and white look. Summer I do believe really slows down in blogging land. Lots of folks taking blogging vacations. Maybe take a vacation and come back and entertain me in the Fall and Winter. Or heck stay, I of course prefer you to stay and amuse me some more as so many are away, but what ever is good for you.

  3. I can’t even remember who was my last commenter. I have to go back and check several times a day. How do you expect me to remember who my first commenter was?

      • Got great news. No problems from havin’ my head examined. Blood tests showed I was about a quart low on B12 so I am having to have B12 Shots each day. My memory is improving because I remembered leaving the comment yesterday. I still don’t know who the first was on my site but I think it was my sister. No one read it for about a year except family.

        • YES! Fantastic!!! Ah..B12…I’m so happy that, that was the news! :+) That’s such an easy fix. :+) Great news, thank you so much for coming over and sharing that with me. I was very concerned. Good times ahead and you will remember them too. Yippee!

  4. Doraz is a miracle,
    Glad that you got her ..

    Thanks Jingle I was lucky Doraz was a nice introduction to blogging. Lots of good friends as well.


    • I wish you did have a Blog LVISS I would visit I would like to hear what your life is like and to see what you would post. :+) Glad you visit to see your smiling face now and than.

  6. Ours is an ‘odd’ blog ( in all senses of the word). There are 5 of us who set it up . Because it’s a group blog, it’s a lot easier to keep going on a daily basis, since if one or more of us want to ‘drop out’ for a while (health/family/work reasons) the others can pick it up and run with it for a while.

    We had known each other through another site before we decided to set up our own. We were fortunate too to be able to attract a lot of regulars to the other site over to our blog. So we never had a problem with comments when we started. Trouble was the comments were coming from us. I can’t remember now when we first got a comment from someone outside of our group. I’ll need to go back to check

    It’s nice to get visits – makes one feel that the effort involved in maintaining a blog is worthwhile. But while visits are nice, even better is to get comments. Though it is hard sometimes to understand what inspires people to leave a comment. Our site is mostly silly, tongue-in-cheek stuff, with occasional ‘serious’ pieces. We often find though that the posts we take a lot of time over in the writing get few if any comments while the silly 5-10 minute posts get lots? Bizarre, innit ?

    Anyways, it looks like you’ve got an interesting blog here. This is just a flying visit at the moment – but I’ll be back to read more (and perhaps leave some of my oddball comments on your posts) 😆

    • Thanks for coming by I appreciate that. I look forward to checking out your blog more and reading some of the of the post that take more time to write. I understand some times when you have the choice in a busy world to read a long post or to watch a short video or read a short post it can entice a person. I watched a couple of videos at your place I was in a particular mood and was grateful for the light video moments. Five people running your blog that really is a great idea. Being a one person show is difficult although my husband pitches it occasionally. Grateful for some help at times. Look forward to visiting more.

  7. My very first one was my wife. She probably felt compelled after getting me to start a blog in the first place. I wonder if she still would today, after seeing where my blog has gone… ha!

    • Your Wife that is a good first. :+) Nice that she was so encouraging. Look at you now! :+) A rock star! (I meant that in a good way.) It was nice that Navar encouraged me as well. Good spouses. :+)

  8. My first commenter was someone who was going to blog with me that I met at commercial blog. She does’t blog anymore but I do miss her.

    I do remember writing away and praying for people to find my blog. It took a whole lot of work in the beginning.

    • Grayhound friends that does not surprise me. Makwas best friend is a little black and white Boston Terrier, named Lady Bug. It’s funny she has other friends and sometimes people friends that she makes on her own. The other day She was really happy to see some folks and I thought huh I didn’t know they were your friends. She makes her own choices, funny.

  9. I am soooo happy to be the one who got to find you first and comment. I can see that sooo many others have found you and are enjoying your blog as well. I love the variety and I love the fun you always have. Keep it going strong. I hope you are having a good week. I am getting caught up…day by day. 🙂 Hi to Navar.

  10. Thank You Doraz! I’ve always appreciated you and your possitive attitude and your message of to Believe it’s a good message. Thanks again. :+) Glad your getting stuff done that always feels good. My next big project is to go threw some boxes and get rid of some stuff, and get more organised. Ugg. :+) I seem to be procrasinating on that one. Enjoy your time off.

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