What’s the best and the worst thing thats happened in the last couple of weeks?


Starting with the worst receiving a phone call message from a friend of a friend about another friend being in ICU short message in a motorcycle accident not wearing a helmet. Trying to find out any information was very difficult, calling the hospital talking to them I’m not family thing. Feeling so frustrated she finally agreed after a little frustrated begging to tell me he’s stable. Feeling really angry, amazed at how many people I have known that have been in serious or fatal car accidents. Still trying to find out more about my friend, still feeling really pissed off.
The best thing….. Hmmm.. Let me shift gears. More coffee.
Maybe the idea of Why Not…. The idea of why not lately thinking about writing a song. I don’t know about what, but realizing why not. Taking a walk the other day, talking to a neighbor about something getting fired up about it and realizing I have a camera I could interview a couple of people and put faces to the topic. This subject needs a voice. I could make a documentary. Why Not. Just the thought of Why not…so what…why not, seemed to be freeing, could open new doors. Having the thought of Why Not.. was probably the best thing of the last couple of weeks. Taking pictures of the Full Moon the other night was pretty fantastic as well. Pictures are a couple of posts down. What was the worst and the best of the last few weeks for you? Anything piss you off or really make you happy or just grabbing your attention or thoughts?


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  1. I had to deal with a death also and found out corn pollinating makes me sick so now I have to stay indoors until that’s over. If it’s not one thing it’s another. I’ll be glad when winter gets here.

  2. I was thinking the same thing Joy, Winter is starting to look good from here. :+) Staying indoors can get old, I’ve been thinking about doing a post for you, taking pictures of buildings old buildings with trees growing out of them. I mentioned it the other day I have not forgotten. It’s slowing down long enough to stop the car and get out and take a few pictures. It is on my mind hoping in the next week or so to do that. I am very sorry to hear about the death. Glad you are still blogging, breaks are good even short ones. I have become so accustom, to you blogging.;+) I would feel lost for a time I’m sure if you stopped for too long.

    • May you continue happily and joyfully up the ladder, enjoying great success! I went over to check out your post very exciting adventure, fun video look forward to seeing more. Very creative reminds me of video blogging would say that or not? Just wondering.

  3. hmm.. let’s see now. the worst of course was having a “friend” give away my wedding gift to the first person who wanted it. the best? an artistic blogger sent me a t-shirt with an amazing portrait. i’ll use this shirt for my next beach endeavor. i’ll unveil it on friday for nursemyra’s t-shirt friday gig. stop by and see for yourself. btw, tshirt friday is once a month at her site. she links other bloggers who participate. this will be my first t-shirt friday post. anyone over here want to join me? 🙂 it just has to be a picture of you (blogger) with a cool tshirt.

    • Cool idea Shirt Friday! Huh, I’ll have to go over to nursemyra’s blog to check out the details. This Friday you will be there sporting your T shirt right? I’ll have to definitely check it out. The whole wedding/friend thing was really awful I thought about that more than once after reading it. Life sure is a cornucopia (love that word don’t why) of events the good the bad and the you’ve got to be kidding. That wedding/friend thing really was rotten.

  4. It’s hard to come up with the best and the worst…. it’s all gonna come out good in the end. Sometimes some of the worst things that happened to me turned out to be better for me than I ever imagined. Maybe I ought to write a book abou that. Why Not?

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