Mr. Bean goes swimming. (Very funny stuff Mr. Bean.)


Watching this literary brought tears to my eyes as it brought back memories of my first mandatory PE high dive. I was so traumatized, as I kept making the other kids back down the ladder, it was humiliating. Exhilarating after I jumped, it was my first and my last high dive attempt. Have you ever jumped off a high dive? If so how did you feel jumping? Did you jump more than once? Happy Friday by the way, I’ll be back here on Monday, unless I win the lottery. Of course I’ll be back, even if I did win the lottery. Fat chance on winning, maybe I should take up playing the lotto? I’ve been boycotting playing, I know more people who have been struck by lightning than winning it big playing the lottery, that’s true. How many people do you know that have been hit by lightning? How many people do you know who have won it big playing the Lotto?


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  1. I love Mr Bean – and that was one of his funniest clips. Loved it !!!

    And I could identify with his fear. I felt the same the 1st time I tried to jump from the high dive board at the pool.

    It’s amazing the difference perspective makes to a judgment of height – the same distance seems a lot more when you are looking down compared to when you’re looking up !!!

    (P.S. Once I’d overcome my initial fear (blind terror), you couldn’t keep me off the high dive board) 😆

  2. That was hilarious!

    I dove off a 25 foot dive. I then dove off the 50 foot dive and started to tilt and panic a little. Luckily I didn’t land too badly but it still hurt like hell. I then jumped off the 75 foot holding both my nose and my balls.

  3. I’m a swimmer so yes, I’ve jumped off those. It’s so weird because I’m so fearful of so many things but water and anything to do with it’s not on the list. I love swimming.

    I don’t think I know anyone who’s won more than a few bucks on the lottery. I never buy those things so I don’t think about it much. I can’t win if I don’t buy but the whole wasting money thing is, I’d rather have a pair of shoes or SOMETHING than to spend the money on the “hope” I’ll win something. I can’t imagine the I “might” win but I’m still handing over my money. I’d rather buy something.

  4. I’ve always loved this Mr. Bean clip. Hilarious!

    No! I’ve never done but my cousin did. She did diving at school. The first several times she hit wrong and was covered with nasty bruises! Scary stuff that!

    Playing the lottery is for daft chumps. I’ve known one person who won $10K. It did improve their lives for a time but not for long. I know a gambler who often wins but I also wonder if it actually outweighs the losses or if she is deluding herself.

    Vendredi heureux to you as well!

  5. I love Mr. Bean and used to watch him on PBS all the time. I have the Teddy bear key chain. LOL. Thanks for this memorable Bean moment at the pool.

  6. I love Mr. Bean & saw this one on TV years ago, fantastic eisode. His brand of comedy is so unique & so hilarious. I wish he was my friend

  7. Mr. Bean is a little strange. onel My type of guy. lol I have never won the lottery. My brother won $100.00 once. I play, every so often. 🙂 I hope all is well and you are planning a great week. I am sooo busy, but having fun with the family and friends. 🙂 Stay cool now.

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