One man band.


Some days I wake up and sit at my computer and wonder, what do I want to see. Some times something colorful, some times jokes, or animation the last couple of days it’s been music. Your lucky I started with watching accordion videos, and accordion lessons you never know when that could come in handy. I found myself watching several one man bands, sometimes I feel like this with everything going on around me singing with a tambourine on my foot. Do you ever feel this way? It’s a bit of a long video, but I thought Thursdays as good a day as any to watch a one man band do his thing.


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  1. I just loved this. I do think one man bands are neat. The remind me of the “old days” and carnivals and vaudeville. Did you ever see the old movie The Original Family Band? You’re probably too young. I don’t know why I even thought if it but your post just took me there. Watch this. They don’t make musicals the way they used to.

    • That was so much fun! Thanks for posting that video. Now I want to find a pettycoat, bloomers and little white shorty boots. Cute dresses too those were the days! :+)

      • Yeah, I had the same reaction on watching that vid – but I’m fighting it, fighting it

        (besides, where am I going to find a pettycoat, bloomers and little white shorty boots at this time of night?) 😉

  2. i loved this video! it just puts me in a good mood to hear it.

    Glad you enjoyed the video. I thought he was fun to watch I enjoyed his natural talent.

  3. Way to be. So happy and smiling. Life has got to be good, huh? 🙂

    Life is Good. :+) It’s a nice reminder just grab a tambarine and tie it to your foot and have fun. :+) Can you imagine being a one man band.

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