In case of emergency.


If you have a car what kind of emergency things do you carry in your car? I’ve been thinking about this lately as I have some family living in California and the idea of earthquakes on my mind. I have personally been in 3 earthquakes over 7.+ Have you seen my USGS link half way down the blog roll? I like to occasionally keep an eye on the shakers round the world. Wondering what kind of food or snacks you could keep in your car that would keep and not go bad in the heat. If and hopefully not but, If a huge earthquake hit and if you were in your car and had to walk somewhere, having a little water and snack might be helpful. In Montana because of the weather, it is common to have a sleeping bag and shovel at the very least. I’m wondering what do other people carry in their cars? Just wondering.


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  1. Oooh! Lovely new banner! Wowza!

    In my glove box:
    A variety of road maps.
    A road flare.
    A lint roller.
    Plasters. (bandaids)
    A comb.
    Dental floss.
    Hand lotion.
    Chopsticks. (Never know when one might have a Chinese food emergency!)

  2. Water, and Jerky and Slim Jims. Problem is if you keep them in reach they won’t last until a disaster. You can take them out and eat them and replace them every couple of months.

    • Thats a good idea, changing the snacks out every few months. I like the idea of having snacks in general available in case of being too busy and missing schedual meals. Slim Jims good idea. We do have jerky in the cars as I think that fairs the heat alright.

  3. let’s see i carry a dog sometimes, a fetch toy and a canvas raft. dont suppose any of these would help me in an emergency huh? oh i forgot, i have a pack of chewing gum in the glove compartment- and i dont even chew gum. a friend of mine left it there because she thought her breath smelled like tequila.

    • Funny ol tequila breath. :+) canvas raft sounds fun and fetch toys always a good thing. Maybe I’ll post a list of food snack ideas, just something I’ve been thinking about as I’m procratinating doing other things. Maybe I should make a post on porcrastination? I’m sure I could come up with a nice list.

  4. Just the usual, spare tyre, jack, wheel brace, jumper leads, Hungry Jacks (Burger king) vouchers. In my scooter topbox I have a pair of plastic pants for unexpected rain.

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