Seems like just the other day Navar was getting laid off from his job. Now he’s been back to school rounding out his education to be a middle school teacher Science and Art. This year he starts student teaching. Yesterday, I washed a huge bag of new school clothes so he will look the part. He mentioned seeing all the collared shirt hanging up made him nervous. Made me nervous and I was just washing them. Exciting and scary seems about right. Sad to see Summer winding down, this is the first Summer in I don’t know how long that I actually enjoyed. I use to say I don’t know what all the fuss is about this Season it’s so hot blah blah blah. A womans preogative, hey I was thinking shouldn’t men have the preogitive to change their minds? Just wondering seems fair. What would you like to do before Summer says so long? I have yet to go swimming this year, I’ll have to put that on my list. Picking cherries and maybe go to the fair. What’s on your list? If I go to the fair what fair food should I look for?


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  1. As you know, I’m going to our county fair later this afternoon. I look very forward to this. I also go to 2 or 3 craft fairs but they aren’t until later in the fall. The way my health has been this summer, I’m really looking forward to it saying “so long.”

    I’m very happy for Navar. What a great accomplishment. I’d love to see a photo of him on his “first day” of school. How cute.

    • The thought of Navar at his first day of school, makes me smile. Right around the corner “so long Summer!” Hope you have a great time at the fair soak up all the fun.

  2. I have exercised my prerogative to return to blogging. The break was good as I was losing interest & when I lost interest in the past I have DELETED. This time I was good & didn’t

    • YEAH! On both accounts! That is so cool that instead of deleting you took a break. I actually think blogging breaks are important and a really good thing. Glad your back!

  3. Good luck to Navar!

    The only good thing about a County Fair IS the food! I’d buy candy floss, salt water taffy, and a caramel apple. But that’s just me. Oh, and a sausage sandwich with a side of greasy chips!

    My summer list? I’ve a week off work coming up v soon and plan to do a sh*t-load of mending/sewing projects. If they turn out well, I may share photos. When (if) the weather cools off I should do come gardening/yard work.

    • I like your list of fair food. :+) Ive never heard of candy floss I’ll have to look for it. I’m curious what they will have.

      Funny Ive been thinking of doing mending projects as well. I wonder if it’s the turn of the weather. The cooler nights gets me to thinking about house things. I have a scarf that’s needing some stictches and several things needing buttons. I hope I can talk myself into sewing. I’d like to see what projects you will be working on.

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