Meteor Showers


The first video is information about a meteor shower going on in the next few days. The second video is a video of an old meteor shower. Do you like to star gaze? For more information on the metor showers click here.


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  1. I love to stargaze but since most of the ones you see are on the horizon (right?) I have no shot. We are nestled between two mountains.

    It stinks because I’ve never seen a good one either.

  2. I just love to stargaze. I can look pretty good here but the showers are hard to see because of the trees. Just plain stars are fine to view but the showers and Northern Lights are hard to watch. The video is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that.

  3. Older Brother got me into star gazing when we were wee children. He does a lot of it still and even sets up viewings for the public in front of NASA in Cleveland and runs an observatory at a private college (volunteer basis.) Yup, he loves it.

    I forgot to go out to gaze last night. I may do tonight since I’m sure God hasn’t shut off the flow of meteorites already.

    • I went out Friday night and the sky was lovely but all I got was mosquito bites. I also sort of forgot just how lovely the night sky is. Sad, innit?

  4. I need to spend more times outdoors. I have not looked in the sky for a while now. I really like trying to figure things out up there. 🙂 I will make the effort this weekend. 🙂

  5. We went out last night Firday, about midnight. I was amazed at how many stars were out and the milky way was so bright. It was surprisingly cold so we did not stay out for a really long time, but it was really cool just looking up and seeing the metors shoot across the sky. I made a note to myself to not wait so long to just look up and to see the stars. I get so busy with the day to day stuff that I almost forgot what an amazing sky we have.

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