Bubble Bath World Ben Walker.


I was over at my friend, S.L.e’s blog I feel unusal, this morning and she was recommending a music piece to listen to. The dork that I am, I wasn’t sure how to navigate the link so I did what I know to do, type in the name into YouTube. YouTube I know, and this was the first video I found, I thought it was fun. I’m not sure if this is the band that she was recommending. I really must learn to download Itunes, always something. Last night I was thinking about taking a blog break, this morning when I went to post posts I kept posting like mad, it’s like I couldn’t stop. Oh well must be Monday. I’ll let you know if the need to clean out the spare room becomes greater than the need to watch you tube videos and read blogs. I may have to take a short break in the future or not. No big decisions on Monday, it’s Monday for Petes sake. Who’s Pete?


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  1. I really enjoyed that. I used to be able to soak in the tub for a good hour. How I miss that. I really should do a bubble bath soon. I loved all those old photo’s. I love looking at them.

    I also love your pink border today.

    Thanks Joy, It’s funny how I seem to gravitate towards pink. I agree bubble baths are great!

      • I really enjoyed his music! I’m going play it again. I will send him a little scratch for being so darn talented. I did enjoy the song “putting your hands in the blender again” what a title also “dressing up” is good and the last one about blogging and twitter. I also enjoyed “Bubbe Bath World” and “The answer to everything”. OK, so I pretty much liked it all. Thanks for the link, I sure appreciate it!

  2. Hey! Brennig (This Reality Broadcast) wants to send you a T shirt!! I’ll send you his email. This is as a thank you for buying Ben Walker’s CD! Brilliant, eh?

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