Buying in bulk.


We recently did a little shopping at Costco. A couple of items I picked up, tucking the bag of garlic under my arm like a foot ball, Setting it into my cart like a touch down. Thinking what a great price, what a deal! Then there was the very large jar of artichoke hearts, which seemed like a fantastic idea until I got home and tried to open the jar. Even using my special hit the lid three times on the floor in a triangle trick, usually works. Finally freed them, I think I used 4 maybe 5 in what ever it was I was cooking. Looking at the jar thinking usually I buy the itty bitty jar, this is a big jump up. I started to wonder have I lost my mind. Also looking at the huge mesh bag of red onions thinking what have I done. Usually we buy for two people 1 maybe 2 red onions, now I am the proud owner of a couple of dozen. Do you ever buy in bulk and when you get home wonder what on earth were you thinking? What kind of things do you like to buy in bulk?


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  1. Frozen onions, almonds & pecans (which I freeze), frozen chicken breasts, frankfurters (to freeze), ground beef (ditto), tins of Heinz Beanz, digestives, tea, paper napkins, paper towels, loo paper, and tissues.

  2. LOL!!! I’ve done this so many times but usually I’ve been to an auction. I’ll bid and bid on a box of junk only wanting one thing in the box and I go to put the “junk” that I didn’t want in the garage and see all the other boxes of junk out there that got there the same way.

  3. When they say” buy two and get one free”( which is very often here .In some shops it is a permanent sign) I go for it knowing fully well that the free one may not be worth it.

  4. Living on an island with very high prices we shop alot in bulk. We haven’t had to throw much away but I’ll bet we have more toilet paper than anyone in Massachusetts. We usually will come off the boat with $600 worth of meat and other fodds to keep us going a while.

  5. Ha. Only pasta and cereal these days. My fridge, as is almost every fridge in Europe is only slightly larger than a hotel room fridge. And they don’t have superstores here anyway. But when I see a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, and it’s only happened twice, I jump all over it.

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