Bed bugs

One bedbug (Cimex lectularius) traumatically i...

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Oh No! Now the Today show is saying they are finding bed bugs in Movie theaters and some retail stores! Oh Yuck! Do you worry about bed bugs? When you go to a hotel or motel do you look around for bed bugs? Navar thinks I’m silly being worried about bed bugs. If I go to a motel or hotel I pull back the sheets and look at the mattress. TV shows on dust mites freak me out as well, I suppose it’s a little Monkish. Usually when I see a show with the magnified dust mite I’m inspired to vacuum the side boards and wash the pillows or get a new pillow. I remember as a kid the saying” Good night sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite”. What gives you the ewwww factor? Bed bugs, mosquitoes, spiders, mice, rats, dust mites, worms, cockroaches? Oh, I forgot tics I could write a whole post on tics Ugg, I guess theres a few things that creep me out.


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  1. I can’t fathom the bastoids!! YES, I check every single bed and OR hotel room I enter. I look behind frames and around the bedframe and EVERYWHERE. The worst part of them isn’t them biting you and sucking your blood but it’s the fact they will get into your stuff and move into your house. You HAVE to check for them. It’s not a sign of dirtiness either. It’s just that they move around in peoples luggage and blankets and clothes and it only takes a few minutes to check for them. They only come out in the dark.

    Ish!! I think I need a hot shower now.

    • I’m sorry to creep you out with my creepy post, but your repley relieved me and some how comforted me. Navar was giving me a bad time about worrying about bed bugs. I’m glad you check for these little icky rascles as well. I feel odly better.

  2. What used to irk me was the bugs were watching the movies free, having their lunch while we have to pay for watching and scratching.

  3. I can’t go to sleep with anything at all flying around. Not even a housefly. I will systematically hunt them down and kill them before I even go to bed to read. I guess I’m afraid that they’ll land in my mouth while I’m sleeping….AGH!

  4. Anything that sucks your blood is a little creepy, ibncluding the lowly mosquito. A lot of people here (but not me) live without windows or screens, so all the creepy crawlies, including centipedes and gongolas (like a millipede) can come and go as they please. Bats, geckos and other lizards too. The only ones I really hate are the centipedes because they are aggressive and have a bite worse than a beesting.

  5. The whole thing really freaks me out! Did you know they mentioned 5 states where the outbreaks are worst and one of them is OHIO?!? I live in Ohio! The bloody things (pun intended) are epidemic in low income housing and sleezy hotels. Ewww… I’m getting all crawly just thinking about them! We rarely stay in hotels but you can be sure if we do, I’ll be checking the mattress! I guess they can even travel on your luggage from infested areas! That’s how they get into perfectly clean homes!!

    Thanks. Now I’m feeling all crawly and freaked out!!

  6. I read about dust mites. nah not bothered.
    Bed bugs, you’d spot then.
    Ticks, urghh. but then i think you’d feel them.
    I’m more concerned about rogue dogs and violent wasps etc.

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