Fun at the Fair


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  1. Loved your slide show! (the music was very nice as well) The stand outs for me were the horse flashing his teeth in a horsey smile, the flock of plastic ducks, and the food vendor signs. I see you snapped a photo of a candy floss vendor. Did you buy me some?

  2. I just loved this. Your fair is just like ours. Nice and personal. I love all the animal shots you took. I love the horse with the bridle in front. It’s a very nice image. I also love all the food vendor signs. They made me hungry. You really have a good eye and the video was put together very nicely. I should learn to do that.

    • It’s a lot of fun Joy making videos, especially if you have a lot of pictures that you want to show at one time. Like the Fair, it’s also fun to pick out music to go with it. I really enjoyed the animals and flowers this year.

  3. Starla, how fun was that video?

    I just taught myself how to do a Youtube video with photos and music … and you’ve inspired me to do one for my blog … well, maybe in two months. I am swamped with my new job and reading, which is why I haven’t stopped by sooner. Been reading blogs or writing posts since 12:30 pm today.

    I love the new banner, by the way!

    • I look forward to seeing a video on your Blog. The video’s with pictures are sure fun to do. It’s neat to see the photos with a music back ground. I’m glad you have been so busy with work. Thats a good thing these days.

  4. Thank you Starla. I have really enjoyed sitting back and smiling at ALL of your fun shots and beautiful shots. I am happy to see the sunshine in Montana. I hope you all enjoy a great week and get to try out all kinds of new things. I am always amazed at what you and Navar get into. 🙂 Stay happy and well. 🙂

    • Glad you enjoyed the visit to our little home town Fair. A nice little vacation into small town fun. Hope your enjoyeing your blogging rest. I look forward to see you when your all rested up and rolling on your blog.

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