Fall the changing of….


Whats knew with you? Is Fall in the air where you are? If so how do you feel about Fall in general? It use to be that Fall was my favorite Season until I met Summer of this year. The subtleties of the changing of the guard never seems to escape my notice. This year the sound of the neighbor chopping wood, looking up and seeing a large V of geese telling me to brace myself, we are in for change and lots of it. The cool snap in the air. I usually feel like I need to make some grand personal change like a move or a job. The very least to consider a tire change from all Seasons to studs, tires seems to be always an issue. If Fall is on its way what changes does it bring? Or What Season are you in, maybe Fall is not on its way.


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  1. Autumn seems to have arrived early here in Britain with cold, wet weather and storms that we usually associate with late September/early October. I used to enjoy this season now I dread the forthcoming cold, dark isolation from the world. Thankfully, blogging helps to keep me sane (ish!)


  2. I can notice the nice smell the air has on a day like today. I love that. Also, the tops of the tree’s are now starting to lighten in color. Not a drastic change but I change nonetheless. I’ve also really noticed a big change in all the birds. They are on the move. I have 4 couples of Orioles here that have been hanging around for almost a week. I’ve gone through a lot of grape jelly. I think they are waiting for other before they head south. I also have more hummingbirds here now than I can count. The sound they make is awesome.

    Yes, I see and notice the change and I for one can’t wait for fall and winter. My illness doesn’t let me live in the summer and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it were fall and winter all year round.

  3. We are feeling a bit of Autumn air and it can’t come soon enough for me! I loathe hot weather! Autumn is my favourite except for dealing with all the leaves in our garden! I would also love Autumn and Winter year ’round.

  4. We’re heading for Spring Yippee!!! It was only 2C/35F here this morning when I went to work.
    When your used to Celcius, Fahrenheit temperatures seem so HOT

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