If you Love, love, love, Yoga you may not enjoy this video, but for some reason this made me laugh today. I think because I’ve been thinking AGAIN about exercise and what glorious ideas I can come up with to be healthy beside walking the dog although that’s not a bad one. At least I have given up watching Saturday infomercials learning about the latest greatest exercise machine. I did take a Yoga class years ago. I think I threw my back out, I also tried a Jazzercise class and a step class also not so good on my back. I would marvel at the teacher up front with the enthusiastic OK LETS GO! I’m actually more of an outdoor type and free is always a good thing and fighting over the back row is just embarrassing. Have you ever taken a Yoga class or an Indoor exercise class? I like to write about exercise every few months just because. What reacurring posts do you find your self writting?


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  1. Starla…You and me both. lol I also get on an exercise kick. I am in that mood now. I have just been so busy with stuff, I have not had a chance to do stuff for me. I will make it up to myself. lol I hope that things are going well in Montana. I am doing my very best to get back up to speed. I do see that my mom is getting better. I am so happy about that. So, until we talk again…watch that Yoga stuff. You could end up like my mom. 😕

    • I’m so glad your Mom is doing well. It so stressful when you don’t feel well. I’m sure it’s difficult for her to have to ask for help. I’m glad to hear she is on the mend. Maybe we can all get into an exercise kick together. :+) I know it sure is good for your health. Or at least thats what” they” say. Wouldn’t that be funny a few years down the road “Oh wait we thought exercise was super good for your health but with this new research it’s much better to do nothing.”

  2. Surprisingly I never got into Yoga, which is strange because I’m into other new-agey type spirituality like meditation and I love to exercise.

    I’m like you though; I prefer to get my exercise outdoors. Jogging, mountain climbing, surfing, swimming or sports are so much funner than a treadmill or stairstepper. And although I do stretch, I’m just not that bendy.

    • Stretching is good and I think helpful for the back. I’ve been thinking about my cross country ski’s last year I didn’t ski at all. This year I’m hoping my back will be much better and I can go skiing. Hopfully it will be a good snow year. I’m not very bendy either.

  3. Starla, with you back problems, I was thinking swimming might relieve some of your pain. You’re weightless in the water and stretching, running in place and such are easier on your joints and things in the water. Do you have any indoor pools in your area? Maybe a high school or something where you can go swim at night. I think that would be so good for you. I’m going to start that in a few weeks.

    • Look at your new picture! I like the new pic, cute. Swimming is a great idea! I just talked to Navar about it and maybe will buy a couple of months at the club they have a pool. I think it would be a way I can exercise and stregthen my back musels and endophines oh boy love those endorphines.

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