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One of several versions of the painting "...

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This post is for you to post what ever you want, I’m taking the week-end off early. I will be refreshed and back to posting Monday Morning come hell or high water.  Promote your own blog, promote a friends blog, promote an up and coming idea that you have had or may be doing in the near future. Here’s the place in the comment section. Anything goes I’m easily amused as you probably know by now so videos cartoons links. Yes, I’m being lazy actually I’m going to tackle organising those boxes we took out of our storage unit and shoved into our spare room. Shudder….mini me panic attack. Staying focused. What was I saying? Right organising tips if you have any tips that could be helpful.  Anyway that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it, hopefully. Wish me luck.


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  1. I love “The Scream.” I took several art history courses and like 4 actually and I fear my mind is leaking it all away. Vague recollection on this one. think dude who painted its name was munch or something like that, sounds like monk. What else I remember is he was a misogynist, but that’s neither here nor there. Oh and that he also painted some freaked out young girl also. Something like that.

    People please come to my blog. you might find something you like …or not, but at least you went. My blog is basically a semi-humorous look at life with OCD and whatever else comes to mind.
    Peace. Out. Gotta get some tropical storm supplies. Party!

  2. Talk about whatever huh?? Let’s see. Not much going on around here. The Vikings have their last pre-season game tonight so Paul and Toby are leaving work early to golf 9 holes and are then coming home for BLT’s and we will then watch the game. I’ll be watching Big Brother in the kitchen and will run back and forth. I know when the boys start to yell, good or bad, I get in the living room PRONTO.

    Have a wonderful long weekend and we’ll get back to business on Tues. I’m so looking forward to school starting and seeing the bus go by, smell the fall smells and wearing jeans and sweatshirts. Oh, and tennis shoes. I miss real shoes.

  3. Organising boxes of stuff, that sends shivers down my spine…
    Now I have the opportunity to talk about whatever I want I may as well encourage people to have McMuffins for breakfast today. Lets have a worldwide McMuffin-a-thon & see if we can totally deplete the world’s Muffin, egg & bacon resources just for the fun of it. We could cause an economic disaster. They are good, they are great, get a McMuffin on your plate. I know McMuffins aren’t served on plates but paper wrapper doesn’t rhyme with great. I suppose I coulda composed a wrapper rap rhyme.

    Hey Starla’s readers, Starla’s not hear so come to my blog instead!!!!

  4. I love the “Scream” painting in a very sophisticated cartoon way. Don’t blame you for taking an early weekend. Hope you have a good time what ever you’re doing!

  5. Jeez, if you want us to keep your blog rolling while you have the weekend off you might at least have got some decent coffee in and a good supply of biscuits 🙄

    So we can post anything, eh?

    O.K. this is something I put up in our own blog but I think it’s so clever it deserves reposting here. It’s an interactive Ad for Tippex (does anyone still buy that stuff?).

    You get to decide how the Ad should end – should the hunter shoot the bear or not? And if not, then what would you rather the hunter do to the bear?

    • What a great video! That was so much fun! You can only imagine the stuff we typed in. :+) Such a cleaver idea for a video. I’m setting out the coffee and tea and biscuits now, help yourself.

    • After I wrote the post on wanting to organise my boxes and go through my stuff I thought this would be a good picture to add. The idea of frustration I guess is what I was thinking. :+) I’m feeling less frustrated now that I have started my project and it is going well.

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