Car Show


We went to a car show over the week-end, they closed off the whole town in both directions it’s actually not a town it’s a village.  We were surprised at how many cars showed up for the show.  Town was packed with people, live music, food, and fun. I found it funny every so often someone would start their car with that loud testosterone roar and it would put a wave of excitement through the air. How was your week-end? Did you get stuff done have fun or both?


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  1. I don’t know what it is about classic car shows, but they are really a gas! Now maybe that’s the problem with the guy on the ground… gas. Or else he’s just laughing too hard at that old VW. Seriously, this looks like fun, and I know just what you mean about the shiver that goes through the crowd when someone starts up their car.
    For us, the weekend is a few projects, and another day at the beach!

    • Shiver is just the right word as the sound went through the crowd. I did take a short film on my camera I should see if I can pull that up. Random car starts out of the blue. I wonder what the thought proses is that proceeds starting the car. It’s as if people just can’t take it any longer, yes isn’t it a beautiful car but listen to this ……

    • I would imagine. I looked around I didn’t see many naked ladies but it was raining and a little cold. Maybe if the weather was warmer he may have had takers to touch his car. I’m assuming it was a man’s car not sure really.

  2. Car shows do interest me and my family. I love the people that attend. They are always so nice and welcome you with a smile. I went to Santa Barbara with my family for my birthday. We had a beautiful time. We ate at the Boathouse which is right on the beach. I loved my day. Hope all is well and Navar is having fun with school. I am still trying to work my schedule out so I can blog more often. Wish me luck. We are going on a mini vacation because the kids are almost done with summer school. YES! 😎 😀 😉

    • I’m so glad you had a fun Birthday! Santa Barbara sounds like a lot of fun. I haven’t been their in ages. Navars doing well so far with school, it’s a new world that’s for sure. Looking forward to the changes. I’m sure he will be very busy soon. I wish you luck juggling your busy schedule to include blogging. I know it can be difficult especially when there’s a lot on the TODO list. Relax and enjoy your time off blogging will be here. I know when I took a long blogging break it was needed and it did do me a world of good. :+)

  3. I haven’t been to a car show in years. I love the red car on the left in the 1st photo. I reckon the kid on the ground was aprehended by the other kid after he tried to steal the VW & was disabled by a swift kick to the groin. The VW belongs to the standing kid’s grandpa so he finally found a use for his black belt karate skills

    • Thanks. I really liked the look of the lady walking her cute dog. She said he is an italian graygound. I thought he looked a little bit like a whippet. The car show was fun, lots to take pictures of.

  4. That red ‘vette is pretty hot. I only like the old ones. Husband’s car was in a car show on Sunday last at the Columbus Ohio Wendy’s headquarters. Italian cars only. I went shopping.

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