It is possible to organise.



This is what I found not long into my organising boxes project, a small reward for my agonising start. I also found my old drivers licence which I lost or misplaced many months ago. I looked high and low for that driver’s license. Awhile ago I gave up and reorder a new one, it was still a nice find. The big thing I learned is that organising is possible and little by slow I can go through my worldly goods and organize the stuff that use to be in storage, separating the wheat from the chaff. I have a system now, boxes labeled to keep, to throw away, to sell and a I’m not sure yet box. I found it very difficult starting this project coming up with every excuse in the book. I watched a few procrastination videos which actually helped in some odd way.After throwing myself unmercifully under the blogging bus announcing that this was what I was going to do. I finally made some progress. I’m going to keep at it and hopefully, the end result will be a functioning office and less “stuff”.


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  1. When I try to organize, I get so lost in my memories that I forget what I’m doing. By the time I’m done looking at everything, I end up putting it back and never finishing the job. I’m terrible at this kind of thing.

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