Why does my dog like to eat cat poop?

The Truth About Poop

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There are just some things in life I have a hard time wrapping my mind around, this is one of them. Why? Why would my sweet, beautiful, cute, smart, adorable, dog eat cat poop? Why would she? How could she, eat cat poop not once to just see what it tasted like, but many times over the years. The other night sometime early morning, she wakes me up to let her out to go pee.  I stumble in the dark to the front door to let her out.  I look behind me thinking she is following me, as I notice her slinking out of the other room with a cat nugget. Immediately she has that look I know, I know! I just couldn’t help myself. I look at her disapprovingly with a short quiet NO.  She bows her head shamefully. I open the front door and she slinks out. As I’m trotting off back to bed, I’m wondering what is her thought process. Did she wake up and think I’m hungry, it’s been awhile since dinner. I don’t want to wait till breakfast.  Hey, I know where I can get a little late night snack and up and on her way she goes.  Sigh, I can’t believe my dog eats poop. 


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  1. I think that it’s like a form of animal vampirism. Their sense of smell is so strong that I believe that they believe that they are somehow ingesting the soul of the poop’s expeller.

    Sorry, I’m on some cold medicine and I think I’m high.

  2. I can’t wrap my head around this either. It makes me want to puke. Some dogs just do this. The dog I have now doesn’t but she’s the first one in many years that didn’t. I used to have to have a baby gate to block off the litter box and I’d cut a little “hole” thing so the cats could get through but the dog couldn’t. It’s nice to be rid of that gate.

  3. The best part is then they want to come and lick your face. Sweet things that they are… Made me laugh Starla! I mean, if you were a dog wouldn’t you want a little “cat nugget” from time to time?

  4. That’s just NASTY huh? I have had dogs that like to eat cat poop AND dog poop. What’s the deal? I read online a while back that some dogs just do that and there is real no reason for it. I just don’t get it either. LOL

    • It really is nasty! I can’t believe her new thing is waking us up at night so she can go and get a little midnight sccobie snack. I hope it’s just a faze. Navar say “Let her eat the cat candy. It makes cleaning the cat box easier.

  5. We had a dog that ate kitty snacks (aka: poo) as well. We always reckoned it tasted of cat food. That dog also ate soap packets and cardboard. A gourmand certainly.

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