So long Summer.

Jump !

Image by Denis Messié via Flickr

Happy Thursday, the days seem to be ticking by fast. It’s hard to imagine Summers come and gone.  I’m thinking Autumn thoughts pumpkin carving, fall colors and cool nights, and soon to be living in a snow globe once again. What are some of your  favorite memories from this Summer? Oddly one of my favorite things this year was taking Makwa our dog on lots of walks and watching her discover her love of chasing  grasshoppers.  Going to the car show and the cherry blossom festival and just feeling the warmth of the sun, it was such a long cold Winter, just seeing the word Winter I feel myself bracing myself slightly.


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  1. Summer here isn’t over yet. Today will be 90+ degrees with humidity that makes persperation pour off me just like sweat. Nevertheless, every day you wake up and are able to feed yourself is a blessing… especially when you get my age. I am lookin’ forward to fall if it ever gets here.

    • It’s cold and rainy here today. Maybe I’m jumping the gun on the whole Fall idea. Snow at 7000. feet in the weather forcast. I bet a little of that cold temp sounds good to you with 90*+. Having another day to awake is always a good thing. Like they beats the alternative.

  2. Renting that cabin we did. It was so fun to have somewhere to go where the whole family could meet and even just share a mid week mean not to mention spending the whole day together.

    But, I’m really looking forward to fall and winter now. I like the routine and the cycle of things.

    • I like the cycle of things too. I think that’s why I enjoy the changing of the Seasons so much. The quieting down Fall brings is really welcomed. The Summer Cabin did sound like a lot of fun. Theres somthing really wonderful about a simple cabin on the lake.

  3. I’m ready to wave “a tout a l’heure” to this summer. Bloody hot! Grateful for the cooler promise of Autumn.

    We’re going to an Art festival on Sunday.

  4. Have Fun Sunday at the Art show, sounds like fun. No worries I understand about juggeling blogging and life. I’m look forward to your new blogging direction. I think blogging is one of those things that changes to fit into our lives. I know it can be very time consuming, especially when your doing daily posts.

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