Lady Gaga Wears Meat Dress.


I was surprised watching an interview with Ellen DeGeneres and Lady Gaga. She was sitting there in the chair with a steak pinned to her head a meat hat, and wearing a meat dress, she wore the dress to the VMA Awards. By now I’m sure you’ve had a chance to see it.  It looked like shreds of meat draped around her. The thing that I found strange was how comfortable and relaxed she was wearing  it, it was as if  she wore meat outfits all the time.  Maybe that’s the key no matter what you’re wearing look nonchalant, what this old thing. What are your thoughts on her outfit? Would you or could you wear a meat outfit. If I wore a meat dress they’d lock me up in no time flat, at least I think they would.


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  1. Fire up the grill and I’ll take a sirloin, medium rare! Of all the stupid -yet obviously working- publicity stunts, that one takes the cake. Perhaps someone told her to get more meat on her bones.

    No way would I wear it. Maybe she was doing a “fur is murder” statement, but imagine the feel of raw meat on your skin. Yuck!

  2. I don’t get Lady Gaga at all. Not one part of me likes anything about her. Maybe I’m just getting too old but wearing raw meat. Talk about contamination. Think about everything she sits on and touches. Gross.

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  4. Well at LAST I find a place in the world that wants to know my opinion on this!! It just isn’t common conversation…

    I find the dress REPULSIVE. If you can possibly remember, this meat is in fact the flesh of an animal/animals. I understand ending the life of another being for your survival, if you are the race/creature with the wits to end their life, but I do not comprehend at ALL flaunting that animal’s body over yours, just to effect an image that you are outrageous and really “something else”.

    This item absolutely repulses me. I would love to say it to Gaga herself. If you could just put the face on the animal slaughtered to cater for this contraption on her (well, maybe that would make her day) – if you could, I reckon it would be a more honest fashion statement, being:’

    slaughtered living beings, for my fashion, discarded after 4 hours’ wear.


    Thank you for letting me AT LAST express that!

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