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Nothing seems very post worthy today, not even a pile of puppies. Some days are like that. Are you working on any new creative projects? Anything planned for the future crafts, art, YouTube, photos? Whats your latest favorite technology find? What new tech gadget would you like, but maybe you’re waiting for the price to come down. Or, what’s on your mind?  How long is your TODO list do you have a TADA list things that you have recently accomplished where you can throw your arms up wildly in the air and proclaim Ta Da!


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  1. I sometimes don’t have too much to say. That’s why we write and put things away and only post what we do each day. I’m thinking we could go two weeks without writing. We keep them stockpiled. But, we also have 4 writing.

    Tomorrow Sue, Nikki and my neighbor Jenny are coming over and are going to help me dig up all the flowers that are around the house. I can’t keep up with the weeds anymore and they want them so it’s that time in my life I’d like to pass them on. I’ve been collecting different lily’s for 25 years. I have some unbelievable colors. I want to do a small “french style” patio out there next spring and flatten out the land and go along the whole front of the house. Maybe get a little bistro table and a waterfall of some type with some plants in it. It will be so much easier and I also will put out potted plants in antique planters and such. I’m really excited. I wanted to do this before I got sick so not I REALLY want to get it done.

    I want an iPad VERY BADLY.

    • The patio sounds like a really fun project I can see it in my mind as I was reading. Weeding is so time consuming. Your lillys sound beautiful but, sounds like they will be going to good new homes where they will be loved and cared for. I know a few people that have grassed in there gardens just for that reason. Planter flowers are nice.

  2. for some unknown reason I took a fancy to buying myself an iPod Nano at the weekend. I pored over the Apple store web site. I watched the Steve Job’s video demonstrating the new range and spent Saturday and Sunday trying to argue myself into buying one. The sensible part of me was pointing out that I didn’t really need it. When and where would I use it? Eventually I persuaded myself to be sensible – it was just a stupid idea that had got into my head. Having convinced myself it was so I retired to bed

    This morning I went to buy one. Happily, I didn’t have to drive way into town to visit the Apple Store. Two miles down the road there’s a large retail store that sells Apple products. I entered the store. Flipped open their catalogue and keyed in the catalogue number corresponding to the Nano I’d selected to check availability of stock and the message ‘currently not available in this store’ flashed up before my eyes. I pressed the touch screen to view similar items and brought up the whole range of iPod Nano – blue, green, orange, silver, black (I was getting so desperate by this stage I even tried for a bloody PINK one). But always the same message appeared – ‘currently not available in this store’. I returned home emptyhanded. What had started as a whim was now a ‘must-have’ – borne out of frustration from my unsuccessful shopping expedition – I ordered one online to be home-delivered this afternoon 😳

    • Isn’t it funny the thought prossess of buying something. It takes me awhile to make a big ticket item purchase. I usually go around and around about somthing, but once I decide look out. I would have been so frustrated chomping at the bit to buy, and not even pink was available. I would like to hear what you think about your purchace once you have it in your hands.

  3. I’d like a netbook and a Kindle just for giggles. A Droid mobile would be nice as well but I don’t wanna pay for the service since my current moblie with my Husband’s is only $17 per month. (yes, that’s for both of them!)

    Our kitchen is our big project and will be for a very long time. *sigh*

    • How nice to have a new kitchen I’d like to see the before and after pictures. When we bought our house the kitchen for me was the selling point with light colored wood cabnets and bamboo flooring. It’s small but I really like it. It’s the organising part I need to work on.
      Right now I’m watching DR. OZ on TV and he’s talking about bed bugs as I’m writting Oh no he’s showing some Yuck! 3100 places in California they have treated this really creeps me out.

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