Indecisive Thursday.

Delete key

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Post delete, post delete, post delete…..I think I’ll go nap. I should be back Friday. Did you know it’s talk like a pirate day? Arggg


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  1. Almost all who work with computer have this deleting habit . Just think of a board without this sacred key. . Most people, especially youngsters, keep a constant watch on this key and pray it doesnt get stuck up when most needed.

    • New move hitting Ctrl Z can bring it all back when you accidently hit what ever it is that can get hit when all your text magicaly disapears. :+) I was just thinking of you yesterday, and here you are.

      • I was away from my place for two weeks without a compu. I was going thro the blogs from an internet cafe . I am a regular reader of some blogs , one of them being yours . My flash doesnt work properly , so I am mostly off from the video posts. Thanks for remembering me, kind of you.
        I think even ctlr and H brings back history. It is better you browse in private mode . BTW Which browser do you use . I use chrome or epic where u have this mode. Keeps ur drives clean. No need to worry about history and cookies.

        • I’m using Explorer right now I usually use FireFox, but I have been having troubles with FireFox. I guess I need to look back into that. Good idea about keeping the drives clean I don’t like all the cookies it can be a real drag. :+) I’ll have to looke into Epic and chrome. I’m glad I’m one of your Blog stops wish you had a Blog I would visit you. I haven’t been posting many videos latley.

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