Flu and cold Season NO say it isn’t so.

Some say he is a bird, some say he is a swine ...

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Cold and Flu Seasons is here, time to bump up your immunity.  Yesterday, Navar came home from school early with some sort of sickness. Nothing like working in a petri dish of germs. Now he’s sneezing, coughing, runny   nose, Aaww poor kid. After the whole bird flu thing the Season of Sick brings new meaning, Clorox wipes, wipe down the remote, the phone, the coffee pot handle!  Have you noticed a change in your thoughts about catching the cold or Flu? I made a Turkey and Vegetable soup and off to bed he went. The thought of having things in the cupboard prior to being cooped up in sick bay seems like a good idea. Soups and juices, kleenex, and general stuff that you may want while your sick the last thing you feel like doing when you’re not  feeling well is cooking or shopping.  Do you have a routine that you go through when your sick or someone in the house is?


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  1. I follow the same routine whenever I – or anyone else in the house – is feeling ‘under the weather’ – I pour myself a large glass of whisky 😆

    [I follow the same routine when I’m not ill – to prevent myself from becoming so] 😉

  2. Sick is a drag. I used to get a cold/flu at least twice a year when living in Minnesota. Now in the Caribbean, it’s much less frequent… every 2 years or so. Could be the moisture in the air, and that the house is never closed up. Fresh air always blows through. The snowbirds bring a lot of bugs down with them in the winter, so I’ve become an obsessive hand-washer. That might help too!

    • I remember asking a nurse once during a particularly bad Flu year how she kept for getting sick and that’s what she said that she washed her hands a LOT. I try and keep that in mind. As I sit here looks like I’ve lost the battle burning up with a fever. Sick is no fun. I’m always thinking I can some how find the holy grail to staying well. The closed up buildings probably is part of the problem.

  3. Navar, school, poor kid????
    I am confused… I thought Navar was your husband. Am I missing something or is your son Navar Jr.?
    I have had my share of colds during winter but didn’t get a bad flu. Maybe the flu shot does work after-all as this is the 1st year I’ve had it since I was a kid. I am usually plagued with all sorts of sicky things during winter so this year was good for me. It is spring here now so it’s hay fever season. We had a couple of windy days last Thurs & Fri & it stirred the pollen up in the air. I had , runny nose & sinus blockage headache really bad. I never used to get it but the last 10 years or so it gets worse each year

    • Navar is my husband and there is no Navar Jr. I supose we are both the kids in our family at times. He has just started his teaching in a school. It’s great a Teaching Job, but shcools are a bit of a petri dish of germs. Yuck colds and Flus I hope this will not be a constant now in our lives I guess we’ll see. He’s actually the kind of guy that will make a really great teacher his friends and family are always saying this. Allergys are no fun. We get blankets of yellow on the cars it is hard on the sinuses.

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