Fun Field Trip.( I will leave this post up for the week so you don’t have to do everything in one visit.)


Time for a Bloggers Field Trip. Grab a sac lunch, turn in your permission slips and hop on the Bloggers Bus. We do have a Bloggers Bus don’t we? Oh wait, we have two buses. Hop on there is plenty of room.

I see everyone is on the bus.

Which bus are you on?

Which person are you?

For the first stop we will buzz on over to the Madhatters Blog for some toe tapping good music. Please keep together as we don’t want to lose any of the Field Trippers, hold hands if you must. Also a very funny video, “Make sure the kiddies are sleeping before…. “, again over at the Madhatters Blog take a look around you can also find interesting articles on current News, clever videos and one of my favorites, “Caption this post”. Now it is time to hop over to the ArtWebShow to enjoy a little Bloggers Art. Viewing the really Fun Art put together from Bloggers. The Art Web Show is a really fun and creative Blog with poetry, videos, cooking, and Art.  Another stop before home, and that’s a pop over to the Caribbean to see some amazing digital Art. Hope you brought your bathing suits, although some of you look like skinny dippers. I feel like I’m at an art museum when over at Donald Diddams Blog The Art of Digital Art. His work is truly amazing. One last thing like an Easter Egg Hunt go to Techwizguy and scroll down looking on the right side for a lime green box in this box you will find a really fun Quiz to find out how much of a Tech geek you really are. Techwizguy is THE go to guy for tech. questions. Thanks to Navar blog for help on this post. Hope you have Fun, we will be having more Field Trips in the future if this one goes without incident.


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  1. Hopefully, I will be able to showcase more Bloggers down the road. If I put too many links I get too tangled up. I tangel easy. Maybe, a Party Pantoon boat.
    Trees here are starting to change colors, yesterday I saw a few brown leaves flutter by. Reminding me to think about gathering in things from the yard before the first snow flys.

  2. Hey! Why aren’t you all coming to my place to help with our kitchen project? We could all get pizza later!

    I’m in the top photo. I’m the black guy standing up. He looks like he’s not quite sure what to do or where they’re going for that matter. That’d be me then.

    • We could all climb into the bloggers bus, I know we could have that kitchen remodled in no time flat. With all of your remodeling lately, I had a painting dream I don’t know why but I was rolling on paint with a roller. Odd dream, maybe I should paint my kitchen. I’ve been getting inspired watching you remodel you kitchen, big project. That’s easy for me to say, but the end results will be nice.

    • Thanks, my mind kind of wonders at times coming up with strange ideas. Happy to give you the plug, I’m greatful that you guys over at Madhatters work so hard to put together your Blog. I know it’s a lot of work and I appreciate reading your articles it’s a nice balance between serious and lighthearted.

    • Your Welcome, Thanks for Touring other Blogs.:+) I was wanting to share your blog address with others. I’m hoping some day to buy a piece of your art for our place, somday. Still effected by this whirlwind Economy. On last nights evening News they said that the recession has been over since June. Really? Boy it’s been tough here. Glad to have Blogging as I can Zoom around the globe.

      • Right. The recession has been “over” since 2009. Wish i had what they’ve been smoking!
        On another subject, check back to my post on the labyrinth. The owner of the labyrinth here has left a comment with links to the labyrinth you mentioned in Maui. Very nice of her… and the Maui “sacred garden” looks beautiful.

  3. I heard that you guys went by my place as well. Hey! I want to play along too. lol 😎 I guess all of us who missed the bus this time can catch up with your next trip. Stay happy and well. Watch the road. A lot of crazy people out there. lol

    • Hey Doraz! Nice to see you, hop on there’s plenty of room on top of the bus just hold on. Maybe we’ll do another adventure down the road, maybe something with wings so we could really cover some area. Hope your World is Well and your keeping busy and having Fun! Thanks for stopping by.:+)

    • Welcome Back! I was just looking at the Full Moon behind the Effile Tower Cam. Funny how small the world really is, hope you had a good trip. Maybe another field trip down the road the party pantoon boat, figured you might enjoy the festivities of that Adventure, with the Tahitain dancers. How was the Food on your trip?

  4. creative post starla and good blog links too!

    Thanks Lynn, I had fun putting together, gives my mind somthing to do other then turn on myself. Glad to highlight a friend of a friend. Happy you liked the other links as well. Stay tuned, Party Pantton boat for the ride home. I had a problem with the busses, I’ll keep posted.

  5. Bad News the Busses have been repoed! How am I supose to know the company was about to go under. I’ve lined up a Party pontoon Boat for the last leg of the trip. Hopefully my GPS is right. Full Moon last night should still look nice on the water for the ride, home. Hold on, we don’t want anyone going over the rail. Enjoy the Music and bright starry night, the weathers perfect, last blast of Summer air. The mixture of warm and cool breezes, watching the bright colored lights streaming across the water. If you get tired there are sleeping bags in the overhead. Thanks for joining me, we should be home shortly, looks like maybe Monday.

  6. I saw your comment about my link in Doraz blog. Thank you.
    I think if you type your actual name or blog name u can see yours also .I tried to locate the other bloggers , no go . I guess u also tried the 3d search in
    Still on vacation ?

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