Eye Exam


I find it interesting that as you age it becomes more important to read food labels and as my eyes age reading food label becomes more difficult. I think someone dropped the ball on this. How am I suppose to look for sodium amounts, corn syrup and trans fats while I shop, when they micro shrink the writing. My reading glasses are at home on my book by my chair right where they should be. Glasses I need to try wearing my other glasses again, I wore them for about two weeks then some how I lost interest.  I tried to order contacts, but they wouldn’t release them to me because I didn’t poke my finger in my eye like the they wanted me to.  Do you wear glasses or contacts or do you have eagle eyes.


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  1. If you dont wear glasses regularly the power will increase and make it more difficult to read bigger letters . The signs that u are beginning to have reading problem is when you mistake 3 for 8
    I wear glass bifocals .

  2. I’ve worn glasses since I was about 13. I have trouble with seeing sharpness in distance. I did wear contacts for many years when I was out in public but once I quit working, I quit wearing them. I don’t think they were as perfected then like they are now. When I was in my mid 40’s, the print started getting smaller so I started right then with the “progressive” lenses. They slowly are different all the way down the lens so all I have to do is train my eyes what part of the lens to look out of. It’s a lot easier than it sounds. It’s what my ophthalmologist suggested. He said if you do it slowly from the beginning, it’s easier than waiting till you can’t read at all and I think he was right.

  3. I wear ‘varifocals’ which I think is the UK equivalent to the ‘progressive’ lenses described by Joy.

    I’ve been attending the Glaucoma Clinic for about 15 years now and taking daily eye drops. These have served me well – reducing the pressure on my eyes and halting the advance of the glaucoma, but have noticed a mark deterioration in my sight recently (am constantly mistyping letters on the keyboard) so am anticipating bad news when I attend the clinic for my next check up. 😦

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