Gold ATM Gold umbrellas and cameras all to go.

Umbrella vending machine in Bergen

Image via Wikipedia


Have you seen this Gold To Go ATM in London. You can see a short video on the ABC Website. Would you buy a small amount of gold from a vending machine?  The picture to the right is umbrellas and cameras in a vending machine. What do you think Gold, Books, umbrellas, or cameras?  I wonder what else they will come up with? I’ve heard recently they are putting little carrots in bags in candy machine in schools. 


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  1. We have banks selling gold here . This one in the pic looks a bit risky.
    What they will come up with next? May be some man or woman via ATM

    • How about kids? I could see Angelina and Brad Pitt ” So how many kids should we get?” ” Mmm I don’t know, how about half a dozen or dozen, well, let’s start with 6 and see how it goes.” Then they push a couple of buttons and presto.

    • Thanks for the article that was good Zoom Zoom. Yes, I believe the Gold vending machines are a fairly new idea. I think it would fun to pay for something with gold. Slapping my gold down on the counter.

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