Pumpkins and candy oh My…

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I just read an article about Halloween and pumpkins. The jist of the article was that for 50 years pumpkin growers avoided growing pumpkins with warts, because the customer wanted smooth plain pumpkins.  Times have changed and now people are changing their tastes and wanting something different, looking for warty or multi colored pumpkins. Do you plan to buy a pumpkin this year will you look for the traditional orange smooth type or will you look for something different? When you buy candy for the little costumed munchkins what kind of candy do you buy? Do you buy your favorite candy? Do you get  kids stopping by or do you turn off the lights and go to bed  early.


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  1. I probably won’t get any pumpkins this year. I haven’t carved them in quite a few years now. We live so far out in the country and we only get 5 kids for tricks and treats. I usually get them big bars of some kind and usually a drink box. I really don’t buy anything special for them. I give them what we have. I really miss living in a city during Halloween.

  2. We will i’m sure be getting pumpkins this year. We take our youngest to a pumpkin patch every year and let him pick out his favorite pumpkin. Paula and I then get a pumpkin for everyone else in the house whether they want one or not. LOL We always seem to get the all orange pumpkins but in all different sizes.

    We get quite a few kids every year in our neighborhood. Paula and I take our youngest out door to door while the older boys stay home and pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters. 🙂

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