Ghost stories and UFO sightings.

Vintage Halloween Trade Card "Ghost Story...

Image by riptheskull via Flickr

Do you have any ghost stories or maybe a UFO sighting? Think back maybe long ago, or maybe just recently.   Let me dim the blog lights…..OOOooooooooo. OK that’s better, I’ll meet you over in the comment section and I’ll tell you a couple of stories one of each. Hopefully you can tell me a story or two. It is October Halloween right around the corner. It’s a good night for stories. As I was looking for related articles the link below was interesting with pictures video from ABC News, Hoax or not you be the judge.


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  1. Which do you want to hear first the ghost story or the UFO story? I’ll start with the UFO story. Several years ago, grab some coffee or a cup of hot choclate maybe put your snuggies on. OK where was I ? Oh right Many years ago I lived in Colorado by the national park I thought of it like my own park as it wasn’t very busy especially in the Winter time. One night we decided to go skiing it was a Full Moon two other people were with me. We were cross country skiing the moon was very bright high in the sky. Shuffling along the trail in a line I was second in the line, as we rounded a bend in the forest we noticed a small floating ball of light it was about the size of a baseball or cantelope floating in the middle of the path right in front of us. We were deep in the middle of the woods. It was very bright and it wasn’t the moon or a snowmoblile light, it was just a strange small white floating light. It was one of those things that we all saw turning to each saying Do you see that? Yes I see that do you see that? It was very strange as we skied forward it disapeared. I remember reading an article months later of other people having simialr sightings.

  2. Now for a ghost story I hope your going to tell me a story or two? I hate to be all souped up on hot chocolate and wearing my snuggies all by myself. Alright dim the lights again. It was a long time ago, I was working in a residential care place, 6 people lived there at the time. I had put everyone to bed and was walking up the hall a tall lady in a pink robe was walking down the hall. As I glanced away she was also gone. I went to go check on everyone just to make sure that everyone was in fact in their beds, and they were. I shook my head and tried not to think about it, but I still remember it years later.

  3. This is not a ghost story but a fun incident. One of my friend said he thought he saw a ghost in the morning Another friend who was also listening quipped” you must have seen your wife without make up”
    A ghostly joke —One ghost asked another ” Do you believe in people?”
    Now some ghost free fun . Open quintura.con ad type starlas chat and see. Also keep the pointer in the links to see any boxed results.

    • Ah, the probbing, well good thing they erassed your memory. :+) I should have guessed you had been abducted, in fact I think you may have one of those little alien guys on top of your head? Quick go get a mirror! Oh wait thats one of our astronauts.

  4. Did you know I used to live in a haunted house? Doors would slam but they weren’t open. Footsteps were heard on the stairs. Strangely, I was never scared. My house? It was a flat above an historical museum housed in a building that used to be a hospital. No wonder it was haunted!

    • I didn’t know that you use to live in a haunted houes. No wonder it was haunted being an old hospital. That neat that you never felt scared. How strange on TV right now they are talking about ghost thats strange timeing. I think hospitals could be very haunted places.

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