Whats cooking?

Fly fishing on the South Santiam river in Oregon

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Whats on your list of something you would like to cook up in the near future?  Navar and I occasionally cook together. This weekend we are working on a recipe for a snack bar. Starting with one recipe and maybe mixing ingredients to make it our own. Wish us luck, flour could fly. Also I recently  bought a new slow cooker. Now I need some good recipes.  I know the picture above has nothing to do with cooking, but this is one of the picture options Zemanta gave me. I wonder if Zemanta thinks we should go fishing this weekend instead of cooking.  Thanks Zemanta, I bet Navar will be thrilled with that idea! Whats cooking at your house any plans for the weekend?


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  1. We are so limited in our selection here. When I was in the states, I’d go nuts for Sunday dinner and either cook an Italian specialty or a roast of some kind. Can’t really do any of that here unless I found some kind soul willing to mail me a box of ingredients…..????!!!!!

    • What do you need ;+) Fancy American food stuffs? Like I haven’t clue bagels? I don’t know sprinkles, fine spices, juju beads? How long have you been over there? I guess long enough to miss some things.

  2. I’m not sure what’s on the agenda this weekend food wise. Tonight we are going out to eat at a restaurant we really like. We had a couple of “bad times” there so we haven’t been there in months and just feel like it tonight. Maybe with all the tourists gone, it will be better again.

    What kind of a snack bar are you going to? I’ve never heard of one of those but it sounds like a fun thing to be involved in.

    • We haven’t made one before we have only talked about it. I found a receipe in of all places the small electric flyer magazine we get in the mail. It has dried cherries coconut chocolate chips oats flowur baking soda vanilla oh and honey. I have no idea how it will come out maybe like chewy granola bar. If it turns out I’ll take a picture. If it dosn’t turn out you will never hear another word about it. LOL Oh cooking experiments I usually save that for potlucks.

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