Your Choice.


Wednesdays Video Pick. Do you want to see 1. riding an elevator 2. glass bottom boat Florida 3. Catching a giant catfish in a small boat or 4. Riding a train. Pick one and the most picks will be hopefully be here for your viewing pleasure on Wednesday. Yes I did screen them all.  Please Vote, hope your Monday and Tuesday go well now I’m going to tackle my to-do list.


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  1. I’m with Bearman – I vote for No 4 (the train ride) too

    Nos 1-3 sound by their very nature to be naturally defined in time and space, whereas option 4 has the potential to be endless – there is no accounting for how long the train journey may continue, nor the variety of scenery, passengers to be encountered along the way.

    Yup, definitely No 4 for me !!!

  2. It’s looking like a tie so far 3 for the train and 3 for the glass bottom boat. I’m not sure if I can count a vote twice from the same voter Duncanr ;+) (I’d probably try and vote twice too) Where’s the rule book……one vote for Tony the riviting elevator ride. I’m surprised no catfish votes wheres Gary he must still be camping. A few hours left before the voting polls close.

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