Mark Twains Autobiography published 100 years after writing it.

Mark Twain photo portrait.

Image via Wikipedia

Mark Twain wrote an autobiography 100 years ago.  It is being released in three volumes, the first is due out Nov 15th. It will also available on Kindle. University of California Press Website says that “the strict instructions that these texts remain unpublished for 100 years meant that when they came out, he would be “dead, and unaware, and indifferent” and therefore free to speak his whole frank mind. This year marks the 100th aniversary of Twain’s death. Hearing about this story made me curious about the book. Have you ever thought about writing an autobiography? Is there a bio that you have read that really surprised you if so whose biography?


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  1. Yes, let’s celebrate Mark Twain’s death! I wonder if he mentioned Samuel Clemens in his book?

    My autobiography would be sodding boring. I’d rather write my novel.

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