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Hows blogging treating you these days? Are you a happy blogger or a frustrated blogger or a ready to make a change blogger. One thing I’ve noticed is that blogging is ever-changing even if you’re not, the blogging community around you often changes. Favorite bloggers come and go and new blogs are found to add to the blog roll. Reaching out and making new friends not my strong suit.  New themes are developed to take away the staleness and keep away the cobwebs.  Finding a balance between blogging and life and being happy with both at times I find challenging. Juggling the to do list with the time spent with technology can be a challenge.  What do you like and dislike about blogging.  Are you planning any changes with your blog in the near Future?


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  1. I miss having the time to visit my fave blogs (like this one) and doing my daily post. I’m hoping to get back to it this winter. I like my new name and theme appearance but will likely go back to my eclectic mix of mindless flotsam. It’s what I do best.

  2. Cute froggy. I have found that lately my visitor stats have dropped off quite a bit which I think is due to a lot of my regular reader taking a break or giving up (or my blog has become less interesting maybe). I have noticed quite a few in my RSS reader who haven’t posted anything new in ages. I tried going through the readomattic to find new blogs but have had no new commenters recently, oh, except for one. I am still pondering to keep my current blog name on my self hosted WP blog or something new which I can’t think of anything I like better yet.

  3. I have noticed my stats have drop a lot latley too. It’s hard not to take low stats personally, but today while I was at the laundry mat washing Winter blankets it dawned on me that a lot of my blogging friends are taking breaks or have flat gone away. So the question is am I bold enough and have the desire to go out and make some new blogging friends. Seesh.. anyway. Just a pondering I wonder if I can wander and ponder at the same time.

  4. I find it really hard to visit blogs of brand new people in hopes of directing them back to our blog. It’s hard and so time consuming. I do have to say that I really like the way our blog is going right now. I also like the fact that there are 4 of us. Someone is always coming through while other have writing blocks.

    I love the conversation and the more comments the better. To me that means the topic is one that everyone seems interested in. I think our stats have gone way up since school started and the cooler weather has hit. If I didn’t get comments by now, I’d have chucked the blog but I love it so much that I’m glad that didn’t happen.

    I also feel when you quit blogging you sometimes never recover some of the people who used to visit you. People in the blogging world like new stuff all the time and if you are just gone, as sad as it sounds, there is always someone to replace you. When I’ve felt like taking a break, someone else has always stepped in and given me a week off and kept our blog alive. I’m not sure I could have done it alone because as fun as it is to have a blog, it’s a lot of dang hard work as we all well know.

    • That is nice that you have a team writting. That way if a person needs a break or a little time off you can get the time without shutting the whole blog down. It’s also nice that your blog is daily that way people don’t have to remember what your blogging days are theres always somthing going on.

  5. Great topic! I don’t have the time anymore to keep up with my blog like the old days–I don’t write enough posts and I don’t read enough of my friend’s blogs. And, I’ve never been one to go out and find new friends, for reasons I don’t know why. I’d love to find new blog friends, but then again, if I’m not visiting people enough, how could we build a “blog friend” relationship?

    • I think I was lucky when I first started blogging I stumbled into a really nice group of bloggers. I think it saved me from having to look around to “find” friends. It’s interesting how a blogging cirle or community grows and intwines with other blogging circles.

  6. Our visitor stats have also declined in recent weeks. Our blog roll has shrunk too as a lot of our favourite bloggers have ceased blogging.

    Like Tony, I have been using the readomatic to find new blogs that might interest me. There have been a few that have caught my eye and I have tried to leave comments on those bloggers posts in the hope of making a new blogger ‘friend’ but if, after 4 weeks, they have not returned the compliment by commenting on any of our posts then I give up and move on to another blog. I think blogging is like any relationship – it’s got to be a two-way thing, and I am not prepared to make the effort to read and contribute to another blog if there is no reciprocation.

    We have changed the appearance of our blog several times since we started, I think it is good to do so every now and again.

    If we were starting our blog now, I think we would have chosen a different name – one starting with a letter closer to the beginning of the alphabet. I think a lot of people check their blogroll for new posts from top to bottom. Our blog appears near the bottom of the lists which puts us at a disadvantage when folk have limited time to check sites listed in their blogroll

    • The readomatic is a good idea, I’ll have to check that out. Always learning new things I like that about blogging. Also that blogging is always changing and in a way it forces people out of their comfort zones. Four weeks is a long time to visit without ever a comment. I guess I give up too soon only after only a few comments. There’s a couple of blog that I leave comments on and they never stop by here that I’m aware of. I go back because I just really like the blogs, although leaving comments with no return I somtimes feel like a bit of a blog stalker.

  7. I usually don’t decide what I’m going to post on Dennis’s blog until the day I sit down to do it. I’m surprised I can still come up with material. I’m not planning any major changes but with two old dogs and one very very old cat I am worried that changes I don’t want might be thrust upon me. My stats are down a bit too; I blame Facebook.

    • Facebook I’m always slow to embrace some things. I’m surprised that I ever took to blogging. Usually I hop on the band wagon at the end of the parade. I guess I could look into Facebook, maybe I should see the Movie first? Our animals are getting up there in age too with two sick ones taking lots of drugs. I’m trying to prepare myself for the inevitable it’s tough at this point I can’t imagaine life without them.

  8. Yes I agree with James’ last sentence. Thinking back there have been quite a few I’ve known over the past few years who have abandoned blogging for Facebook. I still don’t get the attraction. I have a FB account because my 2 sons are on it but I find it all rather boring & uninteresting.

    • Maybe I should go see the Facebook Movie first to see what the hubub is all about. I just thought I’d be stuborn I guess I supose I could maybe check it out. I was slow to embrace the computer as well.

  9. My reading of the bloggers is that they start of well , flag in the middle and most of them fizzle out after a year. Contrary to what many think blogging is a difficult and time consuming and requires some imagination and lot of dedication. Reason why I never took to it. I prefer this, coblogging—just reading and making some silly comments.

    • That’s a pretty good observation I’d say on blogging LVISS. Well I’m glad that you are coblogging I always enjoy your stopping by. Missing Doraz how about you? I think some of the bloggs with several writters is a good thing because that way everyone gets a break from time to time to recharge their batteries.

      • Yes I also miss Doraz . A break every now and then is good. You should also take a break say once a month. Keep changing your blogs home page appearance. I do this to my g mail my desktop and wherever I can.
        The more important thing in blogging is you tend keep a list of other blogs as quid pro quo which you visit to put your comments and this is where I think the spending time on blogging factor comes in. Sometimes you enjoy it , but sometimes it takes you down a bit.
        In my earlier comment I took care not to mention that I am a bit lazy to take on this serious work. But I envy the blogs I visit becoz they are able to come up with something new regularly. Some of them are too talented they give me the complex.

        • Thank You LVISS on you input about blogging. I agree I do think breaks are a good thing. I have been taking the weekends off and that has been helpful it’s nice to take a couple of days off. When I took a long break awhile back it was a good thing for me I felt rested and ready to get back to blogging. I think about taking a long break but then I worry about missing somthing. :+) Have a great weekend.

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