Saint Bernard


This is Lilly I spotted her at the grocery store. I couldn’t resist going over and saying howdy do.  Her peeps said she had just gone to the groomers what a sweet dog, so white and fluffy too.


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  1. I have a terrible childhood fear of these dogs. My aunt and uncle had one and it was the most unruly, dirty and mean dogs I’ve ever known. When a dog that big jumps on you and is growling, it’s pretty scary. It bit two kids and they finally had to get rid of it or someone else would have killed it.

    Cujo didn’t help much either.

    Sorry, cute dog though.

    • Awww Sorry about that. I understand I have a few dog breeds from my childhood that I still get nervous around. I can’t imagaine having to deal with a huge unruly dog as a kid that would be very scary.

      By the way Today we are getting our first snow. It looks strange as I look out the window and see the white snow and the bright green grass peeking out on the lawn. Looks like Wintery weather’s here.

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