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Alfred Hitchcock - "The Birds" - &qu...

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Do you like scary movies? What would you say is your favorite scary movie old or new?  Some movies can stay with you forever The Alfred Hitchcock Movie The Birds comes to mind today it would probably not be considered very creepy but as a kid I remember thinking it was pretty scary. What scary movie  have made an impression on you.  What’s the best or worst scary movie that you’ve seen. What snacks do you usually go for when you’re watching a movies at home or in the theater?


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  1. I thought “Straight Jacket ” was really scary . SSSSSnake was another one which put me under the carpet .
    Actually Hitchcock did not scare you point blank , he simply tickled your scary bone.

  2. I remember a movie called “The Changeling” A lot of ghostly supernatural going ons done in a very frightening way. I have now gotten a chill down my back & face just thinking about it. It really creeped me out. Also Stephen Kings Pet Semetary, didn’t see the movie but read the book. Only read half then gave it away as I was nightmaring to the max every night about the dead indian from the burial ground coming after me. I gave up watching those sort of things many years ago

  3. I love scary movies. “The Devil’s Backbone” really creeped me out. “The Changeling” is a good one too, Tony — you mean the one with George C. Scott, right? My favorite movie snack is Raisinets.

  4. Typically I don’t go in for “horror” films but do like psychological thrillers. My fave scary film would be “Faceoff” with John Travolta and Nick Cage.

  5. Snack must-have is the traditional popcorn. I never buy food at the concession stand though and smuggle snacks and drinks in my handbag.

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