Kangaroo at the beach


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  1. This clip must be from Australia . Do you get to see kangaroos elsewhere?
    And Now for some fun browsing– open yabigo.com and try some search. You will get results from Yahoo, Bing and Googe in the same page side by side.

  2. OMG Starla, how cute was that?? I just sat here smiling and laughing. Thanks. I wonder if it’s hard for them to swim with such shorter “arms?”

  3. Kangaroos, yummy!!! I actually have some Roo Sausages in the freezer at this very moment. Cute video. Like your new header. I have been busy fussing around with my new blog design & the various plugins I wanted installed. As such I have gotten way behind in my bog reading & my RSS Reader is backed up to the hilt so am madly trying to catch up with all my favourite bloggers at the moment.

    • On No Little Roo’s in the fridge! Does kangaroo taste like bear? I bet you thought I was going to say chicken nope Bear or maybe aligator. Thanks on the header it’s a picture of a fire truck I thought all the buttons and gages where cool. I’ll have to come by and see bells and whistles on your new blog. That’s exciting always fun to change things up.

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