Ping pong


Can you tell me a couple of things about you that I may not already know? I’ll go first. I have a strange memory for medical information I can remember medical things for years also I’m a pretty good ping-pong player. Now your turn. :+)


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  1. I’m ambidextrous. I write and eat with my left hand, but use my right hand for almost everything else. I cut with scissors and open bottles with my right hand, and it feels wrong to use my left hand. To write and eat with my right hand feels wrong.
    I have blue eyes and grind my teeth.

  2. I can weave cane chair seats like this: but don’t enjoy it.

    I can knit, crochet, sew, embroider, counted cross stitch, quilt, applique, make soap, make candles, paint, and many other crafty things. The only one I’ve done lately is sew.

  3. Next to Gary’s answer mine will seem pretty boring!!! I’m really good with names and generally don’t forget them. When I worked in our school it had over 2800 kids and I could call most of them by name. I’m not sure why I can remember someones name but can’t remember why I went into a room???????

    I really suck at putting anything together like a bike or chair or things you buy unassembled. I think if I didn’t have Paul I’d have to pay someone at the store.

  4. Lets see, medical things
    1. I suffer from Generalised Anxiety Disorder
    2. I had a vasectomy about 22 years ago
    3. I have had 5 teeth pulled, one was from biting a piece of bone in a lamb chop & cracked it in half. That was so painful. Another was when my Mum gave me a piece of pork crackle. It was too hard & crunchy & I broke another tooth.
    4. I suffered for about 15 years with regular excruciating migrains. A chiropractor did some neck cracking on me & I have been cured ever since. Apparently a pinched neck nerve
    That’s about it.

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