Out of my comfort zone.


 I am surprised not only did I survive my trip to the pool but as I went into the pool room the air was warm and comfortable very nice surprise.  As I put my first foot into the water I could not believe it was also really pleasant and warm, not ice-cold like I had imagined.  I found the slow lane and swam a few laps, I tried to do the Micheal  Phelps turn and touch ok maybe just the touch at the end of the pool. I think for the most part it was a pretty positive experience. Not that I didn’t go with some kicking and screaming. Getting there was a bit like taking the cat to the vet.  I’d say it opened my eyes to the idea of taking more risks and try more new things it is survivable and can be a good thing. What next?


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  1. I am rather phobic about public swimming pools. Although it has more to do with the imagined high pee content of the water. I’d rather a nice swimming hole at a nice slow running river somewhere a bit more private

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