It’s been raining here for days. This morning I could hear the familiar ping on the roof snow or hail? Opening the door I looked out hail large white chunks. My thoughts were oh no what a mess like a kitchen spill that needed to be moped up. I closed the door knowing that Spring and Fall are now in the rear view mirror. My feelings of Winters arrival are far from the giddy anticipation of Spring and Summer. The perfect temperature on the first few days of Spring were intoxicating.  That feeling of all is right with my world even if the ends are frayed and the colors don’t match it’s life as art. Settling in a comfortable chair looking out the window the gray sky the white patches on the green lawn, slowly drinking my hot coffee easing into thoughts of Winter. What’s the weather like where you’re at?  I use to love Winter I think the idea of driving on snowy and icy roads can be pretty stressful.


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  1. I was just thinking this morning how lucky we were to be having the weather we’re having. It’s in the 50’s and sunny and it’s November. I love your photo. It’s really beautiful and I know that’s easy for me to say as you’re the one getting pelted on. Good luck Starla.

    • Thanks for the luck I could use a little luck these days. ;+) I was just thinking maybe part of my Winter stress is Navar’s looking for a teaching job and there isn’t many teaching jobs around here,Thanks to the happy crappy economy. The idea of moving in the Winter Ugg is well less then optimal. What will be will be. I wish the economy would turn around.

      • One thing they say about Montana if you don’t like the weather just wait a half an hour it will change. I just took Makwa for a walk the suns coming out and it is a beautiful day most of the hail is melted. Lots of snow on the mountains and the cool air is nice. It still feels like fall with Larch needles falling from the trees.

  2. YUK!! I’m glad that white stuff is out there and not HERE Starla!! LOL

    Yesterday and today have been unseasonably warm here in northern Illinois. Our high was 71 degrees yesterday and 70 today. The sun was shining and it was awesome.

    Probably NOT what you wanted to hear but hey, you asked right? LOL

    • Your right Gary I asked. :+) Enjoy that sunshine while it last because before you know that white will be in your neighborhood. I think I enjoyed this Summer and Spring extra this year because we had such a short Summer last year, with practically no Fall just went zooming into Winter.

  3. A while back, in New York, we had a hailstorm come through with golf ball-sized pieces. It did an amazing amount of damage — looked like someone had come through with a helicopter gunship shooting up houses and cars.

    • I’ve never been in a golf ball size hair storm. I’ve seen the damage on TV In Bozman Montana last year they had a storm it broke lots of car and house windows. I can’t imagane the sound a helicopter gunship wow it would be shocking.

  4. I’m perverse – I love winter

    I was born and brought up in Scotland, then emigrated to Canada in my late 20’s.

    I’ve been living here in Birmingham, England for last 25 yrs or so and I sorely miss the deep winter snow that one finds in Scotland and Canada – here in Birmingham we rarely see any at all and if we do it’s a few inches that vanishes within a day or two 😥

    • I think when you experience the beauty of Winter with snow it always stays with you. Sometimes looking out the window and watching the snow fall feels to me like living in a snow globe.

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