Just a short little break.

I’d like to take a  short blogging break maybe a week or maybe two. I’d like to rest my back and shoulder to see if maybe the pain will go away.  Redo my computer desk.  It’s difficult because I don’t want to miss anything, but a little rest may be cheaper than physical therapy. In fact I know it would be cheaper. I will stop by your blog in a couple of weeks to let you know I’m back, and up and running.

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  1. Take care of yourself

    Will pop by now and again while you’re ‘away’ just to keep an eye on the place – make sure no damn squatters move in while you’re gone 😉

    [I draw the line at mowing your lawn, though] 😆

    • Hi Jan Happy and prosperous and healthy 2012. Wow the years seem to fly by. My back has been giving me trouble but I guess Im just trying to live life in spite of it. Hopefully I will learn new things for better back health.

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Sorry to hear about your sore shoulder and back. Have you tried stretching? It sounds silly, but it might help if you do it regularly. You could also try a heating pad. That sometimes helps. Well, I hope to see you back, posting. Is blogging the same thing? Im kinda new to this… I really like the pictures you have posted. I love taking pictures of the sky. I also love looking at the stars.

    • Hi Vesta Lynn, Thanks the idea about stretching is a good one, I been trying to incorperate that into my day lately. I think it does help. I’ve also tried heat for short periods that does help. Thanks for appreciating my pictures I really enjoy taking photos it brings me alot of creative happiness. Yes posting is the same thing as blogging. You write a post and post it into your blog. The skys a great thing to take pictures of it’s always changing. I think of the sky sometimes like a giant canvas with beautiful paintings.

      • I see you finally found me. I left these comments ages ago then forgot to check back for replies. I had moved blogs several times. Went self hosted for a while but it died beyond all recovery due to some tech problem I couldn’t fix. Transferred to blogger but didn’t like it much so back on WP.com
        Very out of character for me I know…

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