Winter Carnival


Moving slow just call me slow Mo blogger. My plan is to take pictures over the weekend there is a Winter Carnival. Ive never been to this one so I’m looking forward to going. I want to check out the fiddlers a wide variety of ages should be cool. I entered a dutch oven contest. I usually don’t enter cooking contests, but I thought it would be fun. Maybe I can learn something about cooking on an open fire isn’t that what you do when you live on the range in Montana? There’s also a stock dog trail I think its dogs rounding up cattle, I’d like to see that .Also a stick horse race they said they had a heard of 13 stick horses. I think I know what a stick horse is not sure. If you didn’t see my appology please scroll down to the post below this one. I’m planning to post pictures of the fair on Tuesday or Wednesday that gives me a couple of days to figure out how to post pictures again.  Also Navar is entering a photo in the photo contest. I hope the weather is warm yesterday we had winds up to 80 miles an hour and the other day the temp was -20  seems bold to me to have a big event in the Winter but I guess they know what they are doing.


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  1. A winter carnival sounds like so much fun. I wish we had one. We have an ice fishing contest here in a few weeks but that’s as “fun” as we get in the winter. We have stick pony contests at our county fairs in the summer. They are those “toy” wooden horses and kids do a maze “riding” them. They have so much fun. Here is a photo.

    • Oh that is so cute! Thats what I thought but I wasn’t sure. That will be fun. They had a Winter parade here a few months back. It was so small only about 4 or 5 floats. Why would they want to drive on icey snow packed roads with a huge float is beyond me. There was an accident that day at the top of the hill where a large truck jack kniffed and ended up in someones front yard. It was full of Christmas trees. THe best thing was in the middle of town they had a giant bonfire burning right in the center of town in the middle of the street. So even though it was cold you could walk up and stand by the fire. That was my favorite part. It seemed so strange to have a big bon fire down town.

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    On the left side go to “Settings.”
    Other comment settings.
    Click this: Enable threaded (nested) comments 10 levels deep
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    Let me know if this worked for you. I love your new wood paneled place here.

  3. I hope you enjoy the winter carnival. We are having a very mild winter here so no winter anything here.I can’t even imagine how cold -20 must feel like. 80 mile an hour winds I have been through many times but without the cold. I am looking forward to the pictures. It took me a while to get used to WordPress again.

    • We have one more event to go to today. The weather has been good not too much wind and the temp not to bad about 24 degrees the other morning. We stood outside for the dutch oven contest but, they had a heater set up thankfully so we could walk over and thaw out our hands. I appreciate the comment about WordPress as I am slowly trying to remember things about my computer and about posting and writting for that matter.

    • I’m not sure ….What does Dutch Oven mean in your part of the World? Now I’m worried. Here a dutch oven is a cast iron pot that you put on coals to cook a meal. I will post pictures of a dutch oven tomorrow hopefully. Good to see your face by the way.Glad your back home at WordPress.

      • It’s a cooking pot here too. Colloquially though it is when you fart in bed then pull the blankets over your partners head so they are trapped with the stench. You can understand why a Dutch Oven Contest seemed so funny to me.

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