Super Bowl Thoughts and Recipes.


Super Bowl I’ve heard a famous camel from New Jersey is picking the winner. Having my own camel mascot I like that idea. Enough about the game, lets talk about the snacks and commercials? Do you have any thoughts or ideas on making snacks? Are you going to watch the SB? Do you care that Madonnas singing at half time? Are you old enough to know who Madonna is? I remember at band camp, I heard a song come on the radio. I said “oh, I like that song.” A younger person asked me “yeah their cool who’s that band?” “What! It’s the Beetles” I feel so old. How did I get so far off track from football to camels to snacks to gee I’m getting old. Any way do you have any snack ideas? Feel free to post any snack thoughts or favorite commercials or for that matter any deep thoughts. See ya at the game. We should be home watching the game so if you want to pop on by and talk about the game we should be here. If you want to chat about Madonna, commercials, the score, will the camel be right or wrong of maybe you’re having deep thoughts and you just want to talk.


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  1. You know your getting old when you googel low sodium “Healthy Super Bowl Snacks”. I don’t know why I’m feeling so old today maybe because I realize there’s a bunch of people this week asking Who’s Madonna? Deep thoughts…. Well?
    Looking for healthy snacks I found some recipes at Taste of Home.—Celebration-Recipes/Super-Bowl-Party-Recipes/Super-Bowl-Party-Appetizers

    I thought these two recipes looked good
    As I was looking at the News Website I noticed they had a page of Montana web cams and road cams for travel.
    I thought it was interesting looking at different areas and passes.

  2. Make some fresh salsa and get some low sodium tortilla chips. Yum! Make veggie pizza! (biscuit dough from a tube, baked, spread it with low-fat cream cheese, chop up assorted veg and sprinkle on top. Add shredded yellow cheese if you’d like.)

      • I have cut back on snacking a lot in the last 6 months & combined with Gym’ing 4 days a week I’ve lost 28lbs. Resist the snacks, resist the snacks.
        I wonder if the camel can pick some winning lotto numbers for me?

        • I can ask the cammel about loto numbers. Wouldn’t that be nice to win the lottery. Congratulations on 28 pounds that great! I’m probably going to do a post in the near future about food and healthy choices. I’ve been collecting recipes with the idea of food as medicine. Mainly more fruits and veggetables. I will be trying new recipes and maybe looking for some healthy snack recipes. I can’t imagine giving up snacks all together.

  3. We don’t get the Super Bowl shown here or any American sport actually. I’m not a very sports minded person. Everyone at work is football & cricket mad & it doesn’t really interest me in the slightest.
    Here’s an insight into Australian football

  4. Thanks for the video. I bet the chiroprator stays busy wow that’s hard to watch without helmets and pads. Amazing but, boy thats gotta hurt the next day. I just read back my sentence it sounded like I was saying I was watching the video with a helmet and elbow and leg pads. I may post a couple of commercials later when the game starts usually theres somthing amusing.

    • I thought you were watching it with helmet & pads too. After saying we don’t get the Superbowl here, there was an ad on last night saying they are going to broadcast the Suprbowl on tv here now, Michelle is watchng a cooking show & they are doing recipes for Superbowl snacks.

      • See I wasn’t completely crazy thinking about Super Bowl Snacks. I am trying to change my thinking about eatting and snacking in general and trying to learn new recipes it’s a challenge.

  5. On the subject of snacks I found this Super bowl commercial I thought it was funny. If any one else finds a funny commercial feel free to post it. or maybe this car video if only I could fly?

    I actually like this comercial I thought it was a feel good comercial too bad work wasn't really like this.

    One more I can't help myself.. it's almost time to watch the game and see which comercials they decide to play. This one made me laugh flying baby getting chips for grandma.

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