Monday reboot


<a href="“>”How was your weekend? I enjoyed watching the Super Bowl. The camel’s pick was right, The Giants Won! I wonder what other questions I could ask the camel? I have a few. I enjoyed watching the game and the commercials but, I was confused as to when was a good time to pee? Luckily they threw in a few local commercials so that answered that question. It was nice to take a break from the remote. Do you mute the commercials normally or do you just ignore the sound of the ads? One of my favorite ads I  think didn’t aire, it was a Doritos commercials The bird and the bag. My next post I think I’m going to write about is the saying “It’s a New Year and a New You. I’m wonder if in January did you decided to make any personal changes, not really resolutions or maybe but a reboot? The New Year I think for many can be reflective with an opportunity to honestly look at life and to say How am I doing? Hows my Life? The two things that for me came to my mind was that I’d like to change is one eating healthy foods more often, and changing out some of my recipes. I’ve started to make my own cook book with recipes I’ve found either from TV or in magazines. If you would like I will share some of the successful experiments. I guess the other thing I’d like to change is to be clear on a direction for work. I struggle with being willing to challenge myself and take risks in my career direction or play it safe. I recently applied for a job for a radio talk show host doing interviews. I’m sure it would have been a challenge but, luckily did I say luckily I ment unfortunately, another candidate was right for the position. Back to the drawing board. What are things that you would like to recreate in your life?



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  1. It really is hard not to leave the tv during commercials when we’ve been programmed that way. I tried SO hard yesterday and only missed one good one I guess. I really liked the Elton John Pepsi commercial. It made me laugh out loud. I hadn’t heard a word about that one so I was really taken by surprise. No, I don’t mute the tv during commercials. When you’ve been a mom, you really learn to “mute” on your own!!

  2. That’s fun an automatic mute. That would come in handy. I also thought the Elton John Pepsi commercial was really good, very funny. There was a few surprises so that was nice. You hate to see all the commerials prior to the game.

  3. I often find myself singing, humming or whistling ad jingles more than regular songs. Maybe I need to start muting ads too.

    I changed to healthier eating mid last year but slackened off a bit. Now am being much more aware of what I eat. One thing that helped me was “My Fitness Pal” where you log what you eat., exercise, weight, measurements etc. While I’m not obsessed about calories or dieting I found that it makes me stay more aware of what I eat & makes me think twice before snacking on any bad stuff. I’ve also been going to the gym 4-5 times a week too. I’ve lost 28lbs so far.since July 2011
    If you’d like to check it out the website is

  4. Thank You for the link that’s great! Being aware I think that is what I am wanting to change is being aware of what I’m eatting and to make new choices. I think my main goal is to eat less salt and less sugar and more veggies and greens and more fruit. I want to eat an egg mcmuffin now and then and I’d like to make the chocolate dutch oven cake. So I don’t see it as an all or nothing change I see it as learning to eat foods that are better for me and maybe in turn I will feel healthier. I’m looking forward to trying new recipes.

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