Can’t be perfect every day.

A Super Centurion fire hydrant that was hit by...

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Yesterday, driving home I noticed one of Navars coworkers standing on the side of the road with her car on top of a fire hydrant. There were a couple of people standing by the car assessing the situation. To me it looked like the fire hydrant was also bent. She had that “look” on her face. I instantly felt bad for her and thought any troubles we were having, suddenly put into perspective. Driving your car on top of a fire hydrant was defiantly the definition of a bad day. When ever your cars in the neighbor’s yard is usually a bad sign. She actually probably slid into the problem as the roads are snow packed, in her defense. Have you had one of those moments when you thought I hope nobody I know sees this and if they do I sure hope they don’t blog to the world about. I didn’t use names. That brings up another question. Have you ever been in trouble for blogging something about someone who they wished you wouldn’t have showcased them in your blog?


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  1. That was a funny comic I bet that cheered your sister up to be in her own comic strip, pretty cool . That would be the plus side of having a cartoonist in the family. I’ve never ever heard of anyone breaking a leg on a flower before that is a first!

  2. Hi magsx2, Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes the roads here can be very icy and diffictult to drive on here. I’ve slid off the road a couple times over the years. Black ice can be tricky when you think the roads are dry but in fact there covered with a sheet of ice thats not fun.

  3. I always ask before I write something personal to make sure it’s okay. There are times people have gotten into fights and I’ve wished I hadn’t written that post but how do you ever know how things will turn out?

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