“To Love Life”


When I was single Valentines Day was one of those annoying holidays that would remind me that yes other people are in Love and yes I’m not blah, blah, blah. I found that if I treated myself well chocolates a nice mushy card, actually I didn’t do the card part but why not?  It’s interesting How Holidays can  sometimes be difficult. I had a tradition listening to blues music on Christmas for years. I think developing your own ways to cope in difficult times is a good thing. This Christmas was difficult as we had a change of plans with a family member being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Traveling in the car very early morning dark sky, to visit and to support our family member which at that moment Christmas wasn’t about gifts or the traditions of Christmas stuff but simply spending time with family. How did I go from Valentines day to Christmas?  I guess holidays can be what you decide.  Resisting the urge to compare. The other day I saw Tony Bennett sing a duet with K D Lang, singing  the song Blue velvet. I was moved at how beautiful the duet was and how Tony Bennett is so busy singing his heart out. The interviewer asked KD Lang what was the most important thing she had learned from Tony Bennett and she said  “To Love Life”, it wasn’t about music but about his ability to Love Life. That thought has stuck with me over the last few days.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

   I was hoping to post some photos of the area but, its difficult without my camera cord. I guess I need to buy another cord so that I can transfer my picture from point A to point B  eventually that will happen. I’d like to show you what this part of Montana looks like. It’s different from where we use to live. It’s interesting learning new things and seeing the world in a slightly different way.  Getting to know people slowly.

Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910

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  1. I do love life. I do my best to take on all challenges with a smile. I hope you can get the camera set up the way you like. You are awesome at taking photos. 🙂

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