Old Dog Farts.

Tommy Rettig as Jeff Miller with Lassie (1955).


I can talk about her because she’s asleep right now. She looks like an angel such a sweet girl she is. She’s one of those extra special dogs. I call her Lassie sometimes because she’s so darn smart. Now the bad news. She use to eat cat poop, I did a post about it awhile back.  She had a terrible habit, she would wake up in the middle of the night to feast on cat nuggets which I think she began to see them as her own personal snack stash. Navar said ” why not give her that small joy”  plus he didn’t have to clean the littler box out as often. I said ” eew no way! ”  So we built a fortress around the litter boxes. The first couple of days it was sad to see her nervously pacing back and forth within a few days she was free from her kitty poop addiction. But as life has it she discovered she could eat her own poop in the yard. Which makes for the worst breath known to man not to mention her farts. Nothing smells as bad as old dog farts. Navar asked the vet can it hurt her if she eats her own poop he said “no dogs are scavengers and really the only problem with it is that the owners don’t like to think that they have a poop eating dog.” That’s true. We walked out and I was thinking I can’t believe he called our dog a scavenger.   I guess you have to pick your battles this one I’m still fighting. My dog wanted some blog time but I don’t think this is what she had in mind. I better post a cute picture in the next few days.


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    • I wonder if they got the spam fixed over at your blog today? Yes, pets are pretty lovable. Tonight one of our cats ate the dogs medicine. We have a call in to the Vet hopfully it wont be a big deal. Could be an interesting night. Hopfully not.

  1. Ewww… I’m glad our dogs don’t do that. I feel extra sorry for her because now the whole world knows about it.
    I like the way the scribbly pencil circles appear around your menu items when I hover over them

    • I’m glad your dogs don’t eat poop at least not Yet! Ah….shoot I do feel bad about this post thats it I’m going to delete it your right. Yes I like the scibbly pencil too it’s the little touches on the new thyeems that’s fun.

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