What Floats your Boat?

Sialia currucoides - Mountain Bluebird, Cabin ...

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Being new to the area, I have found reading the local paper and listening to a popular local radio show has been helpful to hear about local happenings. Occasionally, Navar and I take turns at singing the nobody likes me everybody hates me, worm song. Fitting in is sometimes harder than both of us thought it would be.  But, that’s OK, I think Life in general is harder than both of us thought it would be.  Trying to figure out what my interests are so maybe I can meet new friends or  maybe just one good friend would be nice,  Quilting B, Naaa… Womens Club across the street NO Way too scary, local Church or Bar I don’t know.  Bluebird club Yes! They don’t meet much, it’s cheep to belong to and they give you 3 bird boxes to hang up and I get to learn about blue birds, very cool! I’m often surprised at finding out what floats my boat. Jumping up and down is usually a good indication.  Going to sleep at night drifting off to sleep whispering to myself “That was so much fun!  That was so much fun!’ Also a good sign. I felt that way when we went to the Dutch Oven Cooking Contest. I guess I like to cook some and the idea of cooking outside I think for some reason is boat floating worthy.  The bird club gave us 3 blue bird boxes to hang up on posts some where, I guess that’s my next  step to figure out where to hang the boxes up. I will be taking pictures of the spot and probably talking a little bit about what I learn about blue birds. I did find a Bluebird cam which I will put up at the top of the blog. That could be fun especially if a bird actually comes to the box and builds a nest. A little off topic but I put a couple of new cam’s at the top of the blog under Web Cams:  The observatory in Hawaii on the Big Island so you can see the stars; Navar and I watched the sun setting in Paris behind the Eiffel Tower; and clicked over to see the sun setting behind the Statue of Liberty that was fun; also watching the Vancouver Canada skyline late at night is fun. What kinds of things float your boat?  You do have a boat don’t you?

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  1. Thanks mags! I thought the blue bird was a pretty dark shade of blue too. I hope it’s Ok I put a link to your blog in one of my comment areas here as I was talking to Doraz. I knew she would love your video that you posted of dog feeding speggetti to a bird video. I’m working on a proper post to point out your blog as you have so many really cool videos I already have several favorites.

  2. Given the ship has sailed in many parts of my life, I seem to have misplaced my boat. However, I can usually find it for at least a little while in the form of travel, a great book, a night home with the family, and, of course, a fine piece of chocolate. 🙂

  3. All wonderfull things to put in your boat! Maybe you have an invisiable boat. I must have a vivid imagination as I can see an invisiable boat flying in the sky going from country to country. Why am I craving a fine piece of chocolate now? I may have to get in the car and go in the search!

  4. I would love to join that bird club. Birds, I have found out are very fun little creatures of God. They bring many hours of fun and smiles to the lives of many who take the time to watch them. I know you will have fun and meet some nice people as well. 🙂 Have a great week. Hi to Navar. 🙂

  5. Thank You Doraz! I will tell Navar Hello right now from you. :+) He said Hi! I’m looking forward to learning more about blue birds. I don’t really know that much about them except they arrive very early in the Spring and it is a great Joy to see their bright blue colors. I think birds in general are pretty amazing. I enjoy watching the wild birds that are around here. Have a Great week as well.

  6. I agree Starla, it’s so hard to be the new kid on the block but I think joining clubs is the clear way to go because you’ll meet people who like what you do. If you try and meet someone somewhere where or join something you’re really not interested, what’s the point? I’d also love to do the bird club. Not only would it be fun to set up but to watch and photograph. That has you and Navar written all over it. Stick to what you like to do. Then you’re being true to you.

    I do have a boat 🙂

    • I had to laugh when you said that You did have a boat! :+) That’s a good thing. I remember your post about hanging out at the lake house. It sounded like alot of fun, Yes, I agree I think it is a good thing to just keep our eyes open for things to do that maybe fit the bill of our interests. There does seem to be things going on in the comunity. I guess it’s kind of a new thing for me to be willing to join a club. Stretching a little bit out of my comfort zone.

    • Oh Thanks Whenever I’m looking at new themes I try and keep that in mind going for the lighter easier on the eyes instead of the really dark themes. Glad you like it, it’s nice and bright.

    • I think so far so good as far as the bird club goes. Today I was thinking that there are good things about moving to a new area like stretching out of the comfort zone and maybe seeing some things in a new way. It’s not as easy to be on automatic over here, so that’s a good thing. I think your right, time will help us feel more connected to the area.

  7. The wasband is a bird photographer and has been for 40 years so I am definitely a bird lover. I visit lots of bird webcams. I would love to see a bird cam here. I sit every day by my window where my bird feeders are. I love love love watching my birds. Right now it is snowing and the cardinal is there. He looks so beautiful against the snow.

    I didn’t know anyone here on the island when i moved here 3 years ago. Even though I can see the town I lived in across the water I can’t just hop in the car to visit my sister. Fortunately my daughter has friends here and they have accepted me as a friend too even though they are much younger than me. Now we have a Tuesday night Texas Hold’em poker game at the house here and I am learning to play. It’s just the girls so we spend most of the time talking about family and kids. I look forward to it every week.

    I think a bird club is great idea. The wasband is a member and he and his girlfriend walk all over the place trying to hunt down those elusive birds.

  8. I didn’t know the wasband is a bird photographer that’s neat. The squirrel posts take on a whole new meaning. It’s nice to be able to look out your window and see birds. Cardinal’s what beautiful birds they are. I think being a birder takes a certain amount of patience and quietness, and good eyes. Birds seem so small to me. I guess because some of the wildlife I’m use to seeing like Elk or Bear it’s alot easier to spot. I’m hoping we can go out today and hang up the 3 bluebird houses. I hope we get some nesters that would be great.

    Texas Hold’m that sounds like fun! Thanks for coming by Joan

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