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Sitting here I was trying to think of an idea to highlight a post of another Blogger and the thought of doing a post of the Week came to my mind. I wanted to highlight this Blog with a proper post, a shout out to say Hey check this out! Drum Roll please… Mags2’s Blog will be the first nominated post of the week, the Post is called Kookaburra: Australian Bird (video) be sure to watch the kookaburra video, the sound this bird makes is sure to make you smile. She often has really great video’s like the Beer bottle Excavator tricks or the video game for urinals eewww and another favorite video called Experience Human Flight.  She also has interesting and informative stories.  I wanted to share this link with you. I’m sure in your Blog wanderings that you find posts that you would like to shout to the world Hey Check This Out! Feel free in the comment section to give a shout out to another Blog a post you may have stumbled on in your blog wanderings.  No, you can’t nominate yourself,  but you can ask a friend I suppose to give your blog a nudge. I can’t guarantee you  that your stats will move at all, but I can say that I can fan you and applaud you and appreciate your hard work with a Blog salute and a few fireworks! So with no further ado please check out Mags2’s Blog.  As I was writing this post, she just put up a video called” Dubai Fountains synchronized Whitney Houston” it’s a beautiful tribute to Whitney. So many great videos so little time.


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  1. Hi,
    Wow, and Wow, Thank You very much. 😀
    What a lovely introduction, I am completely lost for words. 🙂
    Thank You again for choosing my Kookaburra post as post of the week, I really am stunned.

  2. Your Welcome I’ve been wanting to highlight your Blog for awhile now. I’m glad I was able to come up with an idea to do a proper post. I’m glad I found your blog and I appreciate your abiltiy to find great videos and interesting stories. Stunned, aww that’s nice. :+)

    • That’s funny I know you know the words to the Kookaburra song because I’ve heard you sing it. Now that you say that about the Kingfisher, I guess the Kookaburra does look a little bit like a kingfisher. I remember we use to have a kingfisher bird who lived by us at our old place he or she use to sit on the telephone wire by the river a great place to look for fish.

  3. Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree. merry merry little fellow is he. laugh kookaburra laugh. How gay your life must be.
    That must’ve been written before gay meant other than happy. I love kookaburras. Occasionally see them but we don’t get them in our area very often.

    • I need to learn the words to this song. Navar can sing them I’m not sure where he learned the Kiikaburra song. I’m sure your right on it being an old song. I thought you might like this post. This first kookaburra I ever saw was a picture you showed. I had done a post of ospray birds and talked about the kiikaburras.

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