Wear an Air Mask to charge a cel phone.

Family watching television, c. 1958

Image via Wikipedia

Air Mask is a new concept, not on the market yet. It’s a mask that you can wear to charge your cel phone. It’s not the most attractive face mask, unless you match it with a dearth Vader cap and cape. Maybe kicking back on the couch wearing your new air mask while watching TV, but wait how do you eat snacks! That would never do, maybe something you could wear to bed when your sleeping? Just the other day I was wondering if there was a bike that I could ride, to pump up my internet connection. Kill two birds with one stone, Aww I wonder where that saying came from, poor birds.



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  1. Hi,
    That mask just looks ridiculous, I have never seen anything like it, I am sure there is now way this would work properly. Honestly if I see someone, anyone wearing this, I would just burst out laughing. 😆

  2. I think if the air mask had a second purpose like being an air filter, or maybe if it looked smaller not so bulky and if it had some sparkles. Get the bedazzler, paint pink or purple with a matching hand bag maybe.

    A bicycle powering a light bulb Hmm???

    Flying off a pier looks like a fun event called Birdman people trying to fly off a pier. How many people tried to fly back in the day, crashing in great fashion?

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