Bloggers Field Trip You Vote on the place to go!


Horatio Nelson Jackson in his 2-seat Winton to...

I have a small case of cabin fever so I was thinking it might be nice now that the weathers warming up to go on a little trip.
I think Navar can borrow one of the schools buses for a Bloggers Field Trip, he’s a very good driver. I’m sorry there are no lap belts in the bus so you must hold on tight! For those who would like a little softer ride the car to right is a possibility. This is the first poll I’ve conducted so please take a moment to Vote. The tricky part here is I don’t want you to google the options just a random close your eyes and point and vote. We will go and take pictures of the winning place and post soon. I’m still getting over being sick but I’m hoping to be ready for a car trip shortly I mean bus trip. My camera cord should be arriving in the mail any day so I can take pictures and retrieve them from my camera. Posts in the near future will be hanging bluebird boxes, Bloggers Field Trip, Post of the Week, and Photos of the area. Now grab a sack lunch and hop aboard.


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    • I will post pictures of one of these placeses. I probably should have not had the no google rule. They are a bit obscure in location. I thought if people googled the location that it would biased the poll.:+)

    • I had this bus in my arcives for awhile and was waitting for the right time. The loud sound seemed to help bump up my energy from the sick bed. On the tail end of sickness sitting outside today in the warm sun breating in the fresh Spring air Life is Good!

  1. Hi,
    I would love to go to any of the above places, but they are a long way from Australia. 😀
    I loved that bus, that is unreal, great video.

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Mags! :+) Your right Australia is a long ways away. I will take pictures of the place that gets the most votes from the poll. Being that this is my first poll I guess the next step is trying to figure out how to get the result. The fun thing abouT blogging is that I’m always learning somthing new.

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