Things that amaze me


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bird at piano lesson with rock

I clicked on the a bluebird web cam I was SO Shocked to see that birds had  actually been by I have checked this bird cam out several times, just an empty box. I about jumped out of my seat when I saw some pine needles. I will be surprised when I see a bluebird and their babies.   Looking forward to watching them build their nest. You can mute the sound if the noise bugs you it’s a little high-pitched, it can get on my nerves, but maybe when there are birds and hatching eggs could be neat to hear the fuss.  I really wasn’t sure if any birds would show up over at Mac’s bluebird Nest Cam, how cool is that?
This video is a little on the long side, but I think he sang this song beautifully.



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    • Hi Thanks for coming by :+) The sketch is a picture I borrowed from Zamantha photo’s it is an excellent sketch I agree. I should start drawing again I was doodling yesterday. Funny how I can go a very long time with out doodling at all and other times doodling and drawing lots.

  1. That’s awesome, Starla. I can’t wait for the babies. Also I love this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Thanks for the heads up! Oh, and thanks for stopping by by new blog. I appreciate that a lot.

    • My pleasure Joan, I’m excited about the new blog I thought it was well put together with lots of fun and interesting articles. I’m looking forward to learning more about your area.
      I’m excited to see the nest being built and the little eggs hatching and their big wide open mouths chirp chirp ah the joy’s of Spring.:+)

  2. The video says a lot as the world has much to offer if one takes time to look. Interestingly, I just checked in on the bird house …. and the bird made an appearance!

    • Isn’t that cool! I’m so glad the blue bird showed up when you were checking it out. I agree the world does have a lot to offer. I have notice doing this project the polarity of life seeing the good and also seeing the difficult.

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