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It’s been calving Season here for a few weeks now. Yesterday, we drove to check on the three blue bird boxes we recently hung to see if any birds had claimed their new homes.  Sadly, we found three empty boxes, luckily I have a blue bird cam on my Blog.  I have prepared myself for the idea that maybe no blue birds will arrive to live on our happy little blue bird trail. I will post pictures in the near future of the cute little houses. It took everything I had not to paint and bedazzled them.  On the way to checking on the blue bird boxes we notice a lone cow in the field and her very brand new shaky knee calf. Navar asked me if I wanted a picture and I said lets not make the mother nervous she has enough to deal with, the shock of where did this come from and that came out who? The umbilical cord was still long and hanging. I congratulated her and welcomed the new little calf into the world as we drove by slowly. I’m new enough to the area I still talk to cows. I see them as a ready-made audience, their very attentive listeners.  Speaking of caving Season we were at the Vet the other day because of having two sick animals we are always going to the Vet for one thing or another.  As we were walking out of the Vet’s office a young couple coming into the office, I held the door for them as the gentleman was carrying a small black calf in his arms . With  sweet concern on their faces, I could not help but quietly say ” Awww…. SO Cute.”  Not sure what was wrong with the sweet little cow. I got into the car and ask Navar where are we?  He said ” We are in Farm and Ranch Country!”


Cattle (Photo credit: CameliaTWU)

I noticed after an hour or so after being up this morning our two cats and Makwa our dog all went back to sleep. How are you with daylight savings time? Do you have daylight savings time where you live?  I find it a lot easier to Fall back then to Spring ahead.


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    • Hi crubin :+) I was thinking of you the other day when a person who had recently been freshly pressed after the fun of the stats in the sky and then the stat crash. The depression of the back to the low bouncing ball stats. I felt like saying to them I know where you can get a good ice cream sundae and a sympothetic ear and send them to your place. :+) That was such a good post you wrote about the experience of being freshly pressed and the after effects.

      • Why, thank you! I’ll use any excuse I can for a Cold Stone treat! And it’s okay–I could never have maintained the pace of Freshly Pressed. I don’t mind a more laid-back stroll. 🙂

  1. I love cows. I remember when I first moved to the country over 10 years ago…I use to claim all of them as mine as I’d drive by them. 🙂
    It doesn’t matter if it’s time to spring ahead, or fall back…I could do without it all together.

    • Hi Deb. That’s cute I like the story you told me of claiming the cows as your’s as you would drive by them. :+)
      I agree about DST I could do without it as well. It’s been throwing our house off a little bit. I notice our animals are having troubles adjusting as well. In a few days we should all be back on track. Thanks for coming by. :+)

  2. Hi,
    A new baby calf, aren’t they beautiful when they are born.
    We don’t have daylight saving time where I live, but other states in Australia do have it. Here in Queensland we are classed as part of the tropics, and it does get very hot in summer, the last thing we need is the sun still to be shinning at 8.30 at night. But there are people that do want it, and it is an on going debate. 😀

    • Hi Mags,
      In Montana in the Summer time the sun is still up 10:30 11:00 it makes for very long Summer Days. It’s kind of nice to have those long Summer days because the Winters can be so long and cold. I believe the two places in the United States that does not have day light savings time or as Frank would say DTS. :+) that is shorter to type. Hawaii and Arizona I’ve lived in both places and I enjoyed the fact that they did not have DST I did not miss it at all.

  3. Memories of growing up on the farm when flying by me. I remember playing with the baby calf we had in the house because it was not feeling well. I do not eat beef because I LOVED my animals.

    Daylight savings time? Really? When? Just kidding. I do OK with it. lol

    Have fun blogging Starla. 🙂

    • I remember you talking about growing up on a farm. :+) A little baby claf in the house wow that’s hard to imagine but pretty darn cute. I was a vegetarian for years and then I realized for myself I was too skinny and I didn’t feel like I was eatting enough. Too skinny funny huh :+) anyway. That was funny daylight savings time? Really? When? :+) made me laugh….I’ve been having fun Blogging I’m glad your around to Blog with. I probably will be posting some calf picture’s Navar came home yesterday and said there is a teacher who needs a little help so I may go and take a couple of pictures.

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